#5129 – Happiness is….

January, 2, 2014 – Editor: Gloria Lee

Wishing all A Very Happy New Year!


Vegans powered by raw food complete year of daily marathons

A couple in their 60s set world record in Australia after running a marathon each day for 366 consecutive days



If I stopped expressing how I feel, the world would be one step closer to being a giant Hallmark Card.

~Vicki Woodyard


You cannot know the knower, for you are the knower.
The fact of knowing proves the knower.
You need no other proof.
The knower of the known is not knowable.
Just like the light is known in colours only, so is the knower known in knowledge.

~ Nisargadatta

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Yaşar Koç Photography


Those attracted to this talk are pulled inside for a reason, from something very deep inside. We are on the same origin of spiritual brotherhood. And we will always be together. We will always find one another in love. And we will laugh to think that we thought we were human. But love will reveal our True Natures. The Self that was never born and will never die. Let us remember this today. Let us remember, and do something about it. And in doing so, you’ll find supreme joy. ~ Robert Adams
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Here and now you are already the Self.
You don’t need time to realize it, all you need is correct understanding.
Each moment you identify yourself with the body and the mind, you are going in the direction of ego and misery.
The moment you give up that identification, you are moving towards your real Self, towards happiness.
~ Annamalai Swami
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The real feet of Bhagavan exist only in the heart of
the devotee. To hold onto these feet incessantly is true
happiness. You will be disappointed if you hold onto my
physical feet because one day this physical body will
disappear. The greatest worship is worshiping the
Guru’s feet that are within oneself.
~ Ramana Maharshi
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One satsang member asked Ram Dass if he was enlightened-
and here is what he said –
“Usually whenever I’m asked that question I immediately
answer, “No,” so as to be humble. But I look around and
everything is one. Is that enlightenment? I look around and
I’m in love with everybody. Is that enlightenment? I witness
my incarnation. Is that enlightenment? I’m in love with my
guru. Is that enlightenment? I see my life as service to God.
Is that enlightenment? I surrender to God in my daily life. Is
that enlightenment? I experience peace within. Is that
enlightenment? I experience compassion for other souls. Is
that enlightenment? My environment is a projection of my own
mind. Is that enlightenment?
What do I know about enlightenment? Every day I’m still
learning, and I want to keep sharing and learning with people.
But I’m still thinking about enlightenment, so I guess I’m not
via Sandra Ma on Facebook
…a new age of spirituality is dawning, a radically
inclusive and accessible spirituality free from the
dogma and ideology and blind belief of the past, a
spirituality in which nothing and nobody – including the
teachers themselves – can escape the loving light of
ruthless inquiry and blinding transparency, in which
nobody can claim any kind of absolute truth or
privileged knowledge. Equality, deep friendship,
honesty and integrity are the new gods.
~ Jeff Foster
The planet Earth
is a realized Bodhisattva.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh
collage by Rashani Réa

2 thoughts on “#5129 – Happiness is….

  1. Robin Harger

    Blank-state, entry thereto: absolute stasis in consciousness trailing off into an indescribable stillness in which both pure consciousness and true emptiness become indistinguishable one from another. The absolute purity of the former, no longer having discernable content, leads the latter to become both the object and eventually the subject of the former.


  2. Robin Harger

    Blank-state, departure therefrom: when true emptiness expresses as absolute purity an indescribable stillness develops in which both pure consciousness and true emptiness are indistinguishable one from another. The absolute purity of the former obtains discernible content, leading it to become the subject and the latter eventually to be the object of the former. In other words, the nature of emptiness that is empty of emptiness (True Emptiness) is absolute purity. Absolute purity elicits an indescribable stillness as a noticeable effect. Purity thus becomes aware of its own state resolving into consciousness.


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