#5141- every direction home – a single block of reality, indivisible, indescribable

Edited by Gloria Lee

Everything is causefor anything,and one with its effect.

With each step a fresh wind rises

and I walk alone through the pink sky,

every direction home,

every path the way.

~ Mazie Lane
I’m flying towards night with
black crows through golden skies.
Mother’s singing,…
the high mountain sighs.
A heart left behind – tears feeding
earth for the love of the moon.
Listen to this mountain cry,
let yourself down.
Rest a while longer on the
breast of this tear-filled world,
heave your sighs to the skies –
we are not of this time,
nor the next.
The Buddha has fallen, yet
in the dark, a lone bird note still
manifests his wondrous power,
and the breeze, the many
scattering leaves, his
perfect art.
~ Mazie Lane


Yaşar Koç Photography

Many Western Buddhists believe that judging runs counter
to insight and unconditional compassion, that passing
judgment automatically implies a troubling duality, a
delusional moral hierarchy. The Buddha, however, warned
not against judging, but against being judgmental. The
former implies clear comprehension of appropriate action
and the latter implies bias and misconception.
—Mary Talbot

Yaşar Koç Photography


Questioner: God made a most diversified world.

Nisargadatta Maharaj: The diversity is in you only. See
yourself as you are and you will see the world as it is — a
single block of reality, indivisible, indescribable. Your own
creative power projects upon it a picture and all your
questions refer to the picture.

~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

…from “I Am That”, chapter 31


Russian Mother Takes Magical Pictures of Her Two Kids With Animals On Her Farm
Elena Shumilova Photography

One thought on “#5141- every direction home – a single block of reality, indivisible, indescribable

  1. tommyg1231

    A flake of snow is ready to say goodbye
    Born of moisture high in the sky
    I have soared over continents on the breath of a haze
    As stars twinkled and night began to fade
    I have seen breathtaking horizons as I fall
    Only to soar higher on the sigh of a sleeping volcanoes wall
    I’ve danced above mountain peeks as wisps of air made steps for a staircase and a slide
    For me to climb, fall and glide
    I stood with Eagles on the lip of a draft as they guarded their claim
    I flew over valleys as wolves howled declaring their domain
    I have been so fortunate to be a flake of snow
    Watching life come & go
    As I see the flake; I thought was me, begin to melt
    I know something I have only felt
    The beautiful snowflake isn’t who I am or something I can show
    It is a reflection of life, being what I didn’t know


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