#5150 – MacInnis on the Radio – Galen on UFOs – Merton on the U.S.

Edited by Jerry Katz

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photo: Kim and Scott on the right. James Traverse, far left. Heather (not the best shot of Heather!)

Join Scott and Kim MacInnis, myself, and one or two other guests, this Wednesday, January 29, at 12:30PM Eastern Time on CKDU radio. Listen online at http://ckdu.ca

Your calls are welcome. The call-in line is 1-902-494-2487. The topic is … nonduality!



Interview with Galen Sharp on UFOs and Nonduality:


Galen Sharp is the author of What Am I? A Study in Non-Volitional Living:


0:00 – 3:28 Galen asks Jerry about his UFO experience. Un-graspable nature of the UFO experience. The Trickster. Danger of getting too caught-up on UFO culture.

3:28 – 7:00 Galen qualifies his knowledge and UFO experience. There are no experts in this field. Work as section director at MUFON. Nature of the reports and those reporting sightings. Addressing reporters’ confusion, especially that of abductees.

7:00 – 10:02 “Something’s going on I just can’t say what. I think it’s more than one phenomenon happening.” What got Galen interested in UFOs. Coming across the Roswell event.

10:02 – 14:36 The reception of UFO reports in the 50s and 60s compared to nowadays. More about Galen’s MUFON experience, including a specific report involving a manhole! Fifties and Sixties belief that UFOs were mechanical objects.

14:36 – 19:18 Astronaut Story Musgrave’s report. Reports of fallen gelatin. Jose Escamilla’s films. UFOs at critters.

19:18 – 21:58 No apparent overall pattern to the variety of ships, sightings, and experiences. Dr. Leir and alien implants. Limits in our knowledge limits our interpretation of phenomena. Evil intentions behind some phenomena. Keep your interest at arm’s length. Very few hoaxes.

21:58 – 26:17 John Keel and the Mothman Prophecies and the reflective nature of UFO phenomena. Zechariah Sitchin’s work and story discussed.

26:17 – 28:05 Keeping your rationality while investigating UFOs. The message of looking after the planet.

28:05 – 30:20 Looking for messages of nonduality. Limited understanding of UFO messages.

30:20 – 37:16 UFO sighting in Africa by school children and reported by Dr. John E. Mack. Kundalini experiences related and their applicability to UFO understanding.

37:16 – 44:17 Reports of trumpet sounds from the sky. Philip K. Dick. Tesla. Galen’s work as an inventor and building an anti-gravity disk that is yet to be tested. Viktor Schauberger and his work in Germany.

44:17 – 48:15 German experimentation building saucer-shaped vehicles. Belief that all UFOs are descended from the German experiments. Curious connections between German designs, photos, Adamski, T.T. Brown and electrogravitics.

48:15 – 56:54 Value of understanding nonduality along with one’s involvement in ufology. Galen talks about his book What Am I? and how our mind set hides so much of the teachings in his book as well as what we experience in the world, particularly UFO experience. Our mind set keeps us prisoners and keeps us from going deeper with our understanding. Discussion of a portion of Galen’s book. Explanation of this writing compared to descriptions of “sightings.” Nature of writing about nonduality.

56:54 – 1:01:16 Objectivity in UFO research. Significance of merging nondual consciousness with UFO studies.

Bruce Morgen contributes:

Very timely considering my current binge-watching of “The X-Files.” I just watched Season 4, Epi. #17, AKA “All Things,” which not only features prominent mentions of Taoism in the context of the limitations of science, but also has the ever-rational Agent Dana Scully meditating/praying before a statue of The Buddha. Gillian Anderson, who played Scully, wrote and directed it — I found it quite moving, FWIW.


photo: Merton

Thomas Merton on the U.S.

Compiled by Patrick Collins

 [This article was prepared in 1999 and draws on Merton’s writings from the 60s.]

Today I share Merton’s uncensored comments in his letters about the United States culture, values and society. As you will be aware, he grew increasingly disturbed by and out of sync with the dominant culture in this country.

What does his ideas spark in you today? What is your view of where our nation is and is headed in The New Millennium? Do you agree with his criticisms and his suggested solutions?

In particular, what do you think of his final remarks about the need for contemplative life and monasteries?


Sr. M. Emmanual 10.24.59 HGL 182

…I am growing more and more disturbed by the events and the psychology of the United States. The mentality of this country, its blindness and I might add its willful perversity grow more and more disturbing from day to day. It is undoubtedly the effect of centuries of complacency and undisturbed success in materialistic enterprise. But this has become a blind and sick nation, without realizing it. To my mind the situation is becoming crucial.

Pope Paul VI 5.16.65 HGL 489

May I confess in simplicity that I sometimes wonder if the leaders of the United States and framers of its foreign policies are not perhaps afflicted with a certain moral blindness, due to the conviction that they are themselves perfectly sincere and disinterested, and to the belief that they have a certain “mission” to destroy communism.

Abdul Aziz Nov 7, 65 HGL 62

Writing about US not being good with love and justice but more for blood, murder, lust and greed. “I am afraid that the big powerful countries are a very bad example to the rest of the world in this respect.”

Goss-Mayr 11.10.65 HGL 336

As usual I do not have too much information about what goes on but I hear that the atmosphere in this country is getting to be quite tense. One can see so clearly that the real trouble here is the lack of spiritual roots. This country would not be so unreasonable and so prone to violence if it were more firmly based in a spiritual tradition and had a few more solid principles to go by. That is easy enough to say, but what one can do about it is another matter. I think that actually the peace -movement people are not helping much, except that they are making a strong protest, which is all right. But what we need is a peace movement that will help the country to actually understand and want peace, and that is quite another matter. Burning draft cards will not bring this about, it only upsets a lot of poor confused people who are not capable of seeing what it means: except to interpret it as another threat in a time when they feel themselves already gravely threatened by millions of communists behind every tree.

Chakravarty, Amiya 1.21.67 HGL 114

“…American life can at times take on the aspect of an appalling wilderness. I am certainly not one of those who, on supposedly ‘Christian’ motives, preach submission to this state of affairs. Who does matter, however, is not just protest and discontent, but the love which is beyond all that. May that love grow in us all. It is the one thing necessary, Give them, then, my love.”

Abdul Aziz April 24, 68 HGL 67

“The state of this country is not reassuring, neither is the state of the world. Men without deep faith live as it were with no center and no heart, and consequently one can only expect violence, injustice, confusion and chaos.”

Sergius Bolshakoff 4.26.68 HGL 107

“The situation in this country grows darker and more tragic, so that I think even the most insensitive must begin to realize that there is something radically wrong. What is wrong is the indifference to God and to authentic religious and moral values, even among thoser who call themselves Christians – who are sometimes the worst in regard to things like racism, injusstice, intolerance, hatred. At no time was it more evident that prayer and repentance were necessary here. Yet the Catholics are, some of them, going off on a tangent of activism and exterior worldliness – and basic indifference to deep religious values – in the name of progress. “Never was a real renewal of the contemplative and monastic life more necessary.”

One thought on “#5150 – MacInnis on the Radio – Galen on UFOs – Merton on the U.S.

  1. boundlesspresence

    I don’t think Galen should be given such a quick and accomodating a pass on his decision to sidestep the UFO truth questions. Yes, doing so is necessary to preserve sanity, but that is not a worthy end in a nonduality discussion. Having ones hopes and logic dashed on the rocks and feeling lost and bereft is a necessary dark night on the road to mastery. Having sidestepped that, of course UFOs and nonduality will seem like non-overlapping sets. This is just the venue where such unconscious decisions and concomitant limitations can be illuminated. The man who jumps into this question whole-heartedly body and soul comes to a different peace than the one who holds it away with a ten foot pole.
    The world is the guru and it behooves us to submit to it unqualifiedly…how else will be be able to, in the end, laugh our heads off.


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