#5152 – Exclusive Interview with Chadwick Johnson

Edited by Jerry Katz

Chadwick Johnson lives in Sacramento, California with his wife and five children. He works at Hewlett Packard, is a college teacher, and offers workshops and satsangs.
Learn about Chad and his work here: http://www.thewayproject.org/

His Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/TheEbonyBones

Chad also runs The W.A.Y. Project on YouTube which features videos of him speaking on nondual consciousness: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2IDfuhA1jegvt-r2fSTuiw

Chad’s Hip Hop performance channel is http://www.youtube.com/theebonybones


0:00 – 4:10 Once you truly see the divine from within, there’s no discipline involved, passion takes over. Chad talks about his spiritual awakening. Effortless being and effortless passion.

4:10 – 6:49 “Your dreams and aspirations can wait until you are healed.” “Be anchored in the truth of who you are, period.”

6:49 – 8:28 Loving the effect these teachings have on others.

8:28 – 10:21 Nature of talks Chad gives to college students and other groups. Workshops and satsangs.

10:21 – 13:37 Parenting. The mechanics of being. Waking up from the trick of the mind. Compassion. Relationships other than parenting. Intelligence of the universe.

13:37 – 18:25 The essence of Chad’s teaching. “You are the same as the intelligence that has you here, but we’ve been taught otherwise.” Chad tries to give you a glimpse of that. The mascara story. Following up with people.

18:25 – 20:14 Articulating this message isn’t necessary. Chad wants people to be healed. The end of seeking and what follows.

20:14 – 26:55 What else breaks your heart? Speaking from one’s conditioning. Our conditioning is not an accident. Watch your conditioning unfold. Example given of allowing himself to cry at a video. Playing in one’s conditioning.

26:55 – 30:10 What poetry tries to do. Our language isn’t adequate for talking about the nondual but some form of poetry is used.

30:10 – 41:29 Using poetics of Hip Hop to relate to youth. What is the Hip Hop? Chad’s history with Hip Hop. Similarities of Hip Hop culture and nonduality and sports. Presence of duality.Core of Hip Hop. Using Hip Hop to show young people how they are playing a role and discovery of the part of you that does not have a role.

41:29 – 44:51 Purpose for our existence and everything being here for us to realize that purpose. Explanations don’t have to be deep. The mind makes this understanding appear deep.

44:51 – 47:41 Absence of valuing the nondual by corporations and the military. Being experts in duality. Spiritual awakening is necessary. The W.A.Y.

47:41 – 55:11 Hip Hop re-visited. Writings of Justin Miles discussed. Chad’s ulterior motive in writing and performing rap. Passion of rapping. Losing himself in the music. Losing himself in sports competition. All the tastes of experiencing. Spiritual experiences discussed. Nature of realization.

55:11 – 1:01:13 Boredom as the greatest gift we can have. Watching the tricks of the mind. Chad’s interest and involvement in basketball and football.

1:01:13 – Our passion gives us the natural ability to be still, without much effort, but when not exercising our passion we may be suffering. Passion in sports and being “in the zone.” If you don’t know about your true nature you’re still doing something to find that quietness, whether it’s watching tv, taking drugs, etc. Some more Hip Hop chat.

One thought on “#5152 – Exclusive Interview with Chadwick Johnson

  1. tommyg1231

    Effortless Passion
    Thanks Chadwick Johnson. Your talk helped me out. I can see the path you point to with words easily.
    I have bee struggling to come out of a place seeking purpose with direction and a cause. I have also observed the physical form in awareness and listening to you speak about the advice you give college students helped me solidify something I have been saying to myself often. Since I am a audience of one I can question myself about my decisions, advice and sanity especially about the topic o myself and non duality.
    I don’t feel the need to research, validate or find cohesiveness in similarity with others on the topic any more. I only am interested in my calling. Hearing you say that the time spent identifying a origin of oneself that gives them a foundation to be grounded in, ( excuse my paraphrase of your advice) . Reiterates for me what I see as a winter in the season of my life.
    I look at this time of dormancy and soul searching as the precipice to create the spring summer and fall. I needed to head that from you today as I have been dormant for some time and am yearning to awaken and again to my life and walk in the colors of the rest of my life.
    I find it reassuring that I listened to your audio as a part of me which is restless and tired wasn’t interested but the part of me that yearns to Be, took its own advice and found the voice it new was their.
    Thanks Chad


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