#5153 – Chad, Cheryl, and Anamika

Edited by Jerry Katz

Here are Chad, Cheryl, and Anamika on the theme of the one Intelligence. Chad has a book coming out this summer. Are Cheryl and Anamika next? I need a publisher to start a “Jerry Katz” imprint for all my discovered authors.

Photo: Chadwick Johnson

The Sense of Separation


The Intelligence that has us here has not abandoned us. In fact, there is no separation between man and that Intelligence. You ARE that Intelligence. The sense of separation is just that…a SENSE. This sensation of being separate from the very Intelligence that is allowing you to read these words, is a sensation created by mental activity; also known as conditioned mind-movement…or more simply, just “thought”. On the other hand, when there is no mental activity, there is no SENSE of separation.

It only takes single thought to carve up space and manufacture a concept (or SOMETHING) out of nothingness. When the mind is at rest, the underlying assumption of separateness is removed and the Being is boundless, limitless and free. This state of rest is accompanied with an underlying AWARENESS that everything is connected and that ALL IS WELL. However, when thoughts are strung together without any spaces between them, the Ego is manifested and the “world” is dissected into infinite parts.

This constant mind-movement seems to isolate the Being into body that has been left here in on this tiny ball, floating in the middle of space, to fend for itself. In other words, the Greater Intelligence, which is the silent, still and neutral awareness, is hijacked by the misinformed, misguided and CONDITIONED intelligence of man. As a result, all of mankind is afflicted with illusions of fear, depression, anxiety, stress, worry, sadness, and the like. These illusions are so pervasive throughout the collective consciousness, that they have been accepted as a part of life, or REALITY. Only silence will reveal to the Beings the transient nature of these illusions and dissolve the sense of separation that is created by mind-movement.

The sensation of being an entity that is separate from the objects that appear on the screen of consciousness, is created whether the thoughts are pointing to truth, or just rehashing concepts from memory. The substance of a thought is simply mind-movement or vibration. In order for the five senses to function, they need vibration or movement. However, the screen upon which all of the movement is displayed is still like space. All thoughts and senses report to that silent, still opening. Moreover, the thoughts and senses are not separate from that which is being sensed or thought about. It’s all ONE THING.

For example, when you are sleep and the mind is having a dream, there are many different objects that potentially show up on the screen of consciousness. There is no limitation to the amount of objects that may appear. Not only might one see other humans, trees, cars, fire, and clouds, but thoughts and emotions are also seen. However, when you wake up from your sleep, the entire dream, and all of its seemingly separate parts are gone in one fell swoop. In other words, all of the separateness that appeared in the dream was actually all ONE THING. The entire production, including all of the scenery and the drama, turned out to be a single motion picture. The cars and birds that were seen in the dream are made out of the same “stuff” as the thoughts and sun. The same is true when you wake up.

Even now, as you read these words, the mind is creating a sense of separation. This blog, or the computer screen, seems to be separate from the intelligence that is reading it. A good exercise to do in order to help you see the Oneness of everything is to re-read this blog slowly. At the end of each sentence allow yourself to sit in stillness. If the mind tries to think about what it just read, you just WATCH. Read as though you are just reading without a need to understand. Don’t even listen to yourself read. When you pause at the periods, notice that everything in your field of experience (including your thoughts and everything that can be picked up through the senses) is all made of the same “stuff.” Just like a dream.

Be still and know…


Photo: Cheryl Abram

Brain Games


We give our brains alot of credit. And why not!! Given it’s function, it should get all the credit! Look at all the ingenious inventions created by ingenious brains. From the wheel to the internet, man has invented countless things to make life easier, more fun, less stressful and, unfortunately, more deadly…you gotta take the good with the bad, I guess.

In addition to intellectual activities like memory and perception, the brain is the control center for all the body’s functions like taste and regulating our heart rate. Highly evolved gray matter is the reason why you can be in Japan, India, England, the U.S. and Australia reading this blog (at least one family member or friend is in each of the places I just listed…hi ya’ll!)

Despite the title of this blog, the brain is not a game. The brain is the control center, the focal point, the hot bed, the switchboard, the hub and the headquarters of all experience!

For those of you who are familiar with my blog, you know that my typical modus operandi is to write something that we can all agree with (as I’ve just attempted to do), then I bring down the hammer and write something like, Wrong! Nope! Forget About It! or Untrue!

Well, not this time. There is no argument from this corner about the paramount importance of the brain. I’m in complete agreement with Wikipedia on this one.


There’s only One “brain” here. No heads, no eyes, no ears, no arms, no legs, no torsos…only one “brain”.

Pretend that all that exists is a large ball of green clay. This ball of clay is intelligence. Just as you would take a piece of chewing gum and stretch it, this intelligence begins to expand and take various shapes. All the shapes still remain attached to the clay ball of intelligence but as they get further out from the big ball, the shapes become more complex. Fairly soon you have a clay animation world…kinda like Wallace and Gromit. There are no people-clay-balls-of-intelligence yet, just things like heat, space, atoms and whatever the universe is supposed to be made of. Eventually this intelligence takes the shape of a highly complex people-thing. The intelligence has no eyes, ears, taste buds, arms, legs, head or brain. It never has these things. It is already everything and you cannot add something to everything. It is also no thing in particular because the possibilities of what it could be are endless.

With no head, brain, eyes, nose, arms, legs, cars, streets, planes, air, wings, fins, water, skin, muscle, feet, fingers, leaves, space or world, how does it get around? How does it do anything?

Do anything? What is there to do? Where is there to go?

What’s the ultimate destination of your sense of sight? What mission does your sense of touch need to achieve? What final outcome is your sense of taste trying to accomplish? What final purpose is your sense of hearing gunning for?

Drop the ball of clay analogy and keep the intelligence. This is You. All there is is this intelligence. Every seeming thing is this intelligence. Just this intelligence. It has no shape. It has no properties. It has no purpose. It has no goal. It has no mission. It can’t be described. It makes no choices. It has no problems, it is not divided and it’s always present. It’s never gone anywhere. It was never born and it will never die.

It’s communicating with itself, simply “enjoying” the possibilities. It cannot lack anything. Nothing is missing. It experiences itself with itself.

This is the One “brain” that’s here. There are not billions of brains here. It’s this intelligence that sees, hears, tastes, smells, thinks, speaks, flies, swims, burrows under the ground, spews from volcanoes, blows leaves off trees, grows out of the ground, rains down from the sky, acts as gravity, and rises in the East every morning. All these “things” are seamless thoughts with no break or space in between them.

Individual brains do not have thoughts. Individual brains cannot think. There are no individual brains.

This isn’t some 64th level of consciousness, absolute vs. relative, spiritual vs. physical, awakened vs. un-awakened, flim flam-ary. I’m talking about what’s real and present right now!! The only thing that’s real and present right now!! This is exactly what you are experiencing right now!!!

The thought of “what will I have for breakfast” arises with the thought of sun. The thought of wind blowing arises with the thought of laughter. The thought of violence arises with the thought of clouds drifting. The thought of time arises with the thought of ocean. The thought of body arises with the thought of dog barking.

And it all arises out of this One intelligence.

Intelligence is the only real thing here. Not heads, not brains, not eyes, not ears, not arms, not legs, not words, not interpretations. Those things are just possibilities.

No possibility can change Intelligence. No possibility can divide Intelligence.

This is your strength.


Photo: Anamika

Flapping in the wind


Quiet Sunday morning

the washing hanging on the terrace

T shirts flapping in the wind

The sound of the windmill

clanging down

And sun light gazes



on all.

Where is the need to define and extrapolate?
To analyze and extract?

Do we need to use the mind to get to a no-mind place?

Thought cannot transcend thought: says Francis Lucille.

Then what is the instrument through which recognition takes place?

Can we see, now,
without using mind or thought that there
is in our experience already a functioning,
an ability to see clearly,
to know without thoughts.
A knowledge through identity.

Attention makes contact with something
and knows it by sensing it, being it.
Because there is already no distance.

It is not something to achieve,
it is not somewhere to get,
it is not an understanding which is lacking.

It is plain seeing already happening now
without the use of thought.

To realize that the place of not knowing
is already where we are.
Everything appears miraculously
and is known.

Absolute intimacy.

One thought on “#5153 – Chad, Cheryl, and Anamika

  1. tommyg1231

    Hey Chad. It was refreshing to read you again this afternoon. I had just finished chatting with someone earlier about the same topic you broached here. I was explaining how people need to put a period on something so they can stop it and understand it. By understanding it though they remove it from the unending creative intelligence and place it in the finite concept of thought. So in essence they reduce “what is ” to what the ant brain of “I” can comprehend and feel a sense of accomplishment in thinking they know what can’t be known.
    I once heard that not speaking to someone on a level of awareness they can appreciate is pretty much a act of ego with awareness which of course is a oxymoron but realizing that helps myself not try to help someone know what I am aware of but rather help them know what they can be aware of.
    It takes the frustration out of presence for me and gives it a softer texture.
    I can see how you do that for a college graduating class in a speech by giving them a feeling of oneness with a goal for becoming.
    It is a pleasure to find a path some else has taken before me and see a picture is serenity in it.
    I’m not sure of much, but I hope to be okay with that in whatever success or failure “I” has.
    Thanks again


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