#5155 – Images of India by Seth Langner

Edited by Gloria Lee


Seth Langner recently returned from India with some amazing photos.

He may be found on Facebook, as I did, thanks to our friend Amrita Nadi.

See more photos here: http://www.karmathartic.com/

Please note that all images as they appear here may be enlarged with a click.


“So long Subcontinent most sublime. You were more than I had
ever imagined, more strange and wonderful to behold. The most
extraordinary and vividest dream from which one never really
wakes up. And you are just like that: a place of profound
paradox and contradiction, a polarity of extremes, where
wealth and poverty, splendor and squalor, modernity and
antiquity, the sacred and profane so wholly inhabit your people
and places all at once.

I will surely be with you again . . .”




Laughter in the kitchen


Girl Under the Bo-Tree — in Lumbini, Nepal.
Temple monkey, Rajgir, India
Sechen Monastery Monk — at Boudhanath.

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