#5156 – The Writer, the Magician, and the Movie Maker

Edited by Jerry Katz

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The Same Boat

by Vicki Woodyard

When I was born, there was no internet. Now we are connected intimately with other souls world-wide. The next step is to see clearly that there is only one Person and we are it. How hard could that be?

Isn’t that what Christ Consciousness is?

We can no longer separate the threads of the seamless garment and call them by names and assign them numbers.

“Every hair of your head is numbered. No sparrow falls without the Heavenly Father knowing about it.” The words of the Christed One.

Paradox is the step that allows us to be one person and not billions of people. And then lets us separate into the billions again in order to file our IRS reports. Isn’t that why Mary and Joseph booked that trip on Travelocity.com?

Let’s stop trying to report on everything via the intellect, which is decidedly not King of the World.

The old ways give way to new ones.

This time let us pray consciously instead of mechanically.

The head trip is a mechanical one. That is all Christ was saying.

The heart is a very happening place.

So here is the new story. Someone makes the discovery that we are all the same person. After that, things really get interesting.

The first thing to do is fire all the lawyers. But I think someone already said that.

Vicki Woodyard
Author, Life With A Hole In It


Professor Kriben Pillay, whose Noumenon Journal back in the 90s was a hard copy magazine dedicated to nondual perspectives, has an article about his work entitled Using Illusion as a Pedagogic Device. Kriben is the Dean of Teaching and Learning in the College of Law and Management Studies at the University of Kwazulu in South Africa.

Some excerpts:

“My work shows that individuals can bring about change when they start affecting the organisational climate even though it may be miniscule to begin with.”

“If [students] were given an introductory module on how their brain works with regard to certain types of stress relationships they might also learn how to manage themselves better.”

“We are here to produce well-rounded citizens with a strong social sense who contribute critically to overall developments in South Africa and the whole region.”

“I believe that as a University it is time we stood up and allowed ourselves to be counted in this area of ethical regeneration.”

I didn’t include any of the discussion on magic, so read the full article here: www.nonduality.com/kriben.pdf


The brilliant Paul Smit:

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