#5157 – Wholeness and the Breaking of Our Rules and Bodies

Edited by Jerry Katz

jen1 chad3
photos: Jen Peer Rich and Chadwick Johnson

Nonduality Talk Radio February 5, 2014

Listen: nonduality.net/5february2014.mp3 

Guests are James TraverseJen Peer Rich, and Chadwick Johnson in one of our most powerful shows yet. James talk about nonduality and Yoga Nidra. Jen tells us about her life, beginning with cancer as an infant. And Chad responds to Jen’s story, reveals his own experiential understanding of nonduality, and lays some rhymes on us, as he is a hip hop artist.

Jerry (r) with James Traverse
photo: James Traverse (l) and Jerry Katz


Liesbeth shares on Facebook:


“Twenty years ago, I avoided going on a trip that I didn’t want to go on because I broke my leg. I had only agreed to the trip in the first place because I wanted to avoid making my father mad. Afterward, I had this sudden realization that it had taken me breaking my leg to finally do what I wanted to do. And I’ve lived life on my own terms ever since.”



This Guy Stopped Charging Clients And He Has Zero Regrets

photo: Adrian Hoppel


Do you think that more people should move over to being gift economy entrepreneurs, and what advice would you give to people who are interested in exploring this sort of work?

I think, in a perfect world, everyone is back to a gift economy. And I say back because this is not a new idea, but something very old. It is about offering what you love to do to the community and having the community respect and appreciate that. In return, they support you with the things they love to do.

Ideally, the cash-based transaction aspect of it would disappear, and we would have a world where we support each other with more purpose. For people who are interested in exploring this, I would plead with them to read the books of Charles Eisenstein, particularly “Sacred Economics.” He explains all of this so much better than I could ever dream to. I am a coder, not a philosopher.

Then, if his writings appeal to you, to give it a try; consider what it is you love to do, and start offering it out there like I did with Lighthouse Soccer Club. It helps to have some champions who are trying to help you, and it is essential — mandatory — that if you have a family, that you and your partner consider deeply what this type of transition will involve.

It is not easy, it is a lot of work and a lot of risk, but the rewards are incredible.

My favorite project was actually being able to gift back to Charles Eisenstein and redo his website last fall. His writing changed my life and set me on this path, and to give back to him was a profoundly awesome experience.

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