#5158 – Ansel Adams, Merton, Seattle Seahawks Do Yoga

Edited by Gloria Lee

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Life is your art. An open, aware heart is your camera.

A oneness with your world is your film.

–Ansel Adams








Walk across the bridge
from knowledge to wisdom
even though it disappears
into the soft and
healing mist
of silence…


~Fred LaMotte



In Silence
by Thomas Merton
Be still.
Listen to the stones of the wall.
Be silent, they try
to speak your
to the living walls.

Who are you?
are you? Whose
silence are you?

Who (be quiet)
are you (as these stones
are quiet). Do not
think of what you are
still less of
what you may one day be.

be what you are (but who?)
be the unthinkable one
you do not know.

O be still, while
you are still alive,
and all things live around you

speaking (I do not hear)
to your own being,
speaking by the unknown
that is in you and in themselves.

“I will try, like them
to be my own silence:
and this is difficult. The whole
world is secretly on fire. The stones
burn, even the stones they burn me.
How can a man be still or
listen to all things burning?
How can he dare to sit with them
when all their silence is on fire?”

~ from The Strange Islands: Poems by Thomas Merton

No wonder they won!
Seahawks QB Russell Wilson
Seattle Seahawks Changing Future of Football with Yoga and Meditation
by YD
Football and yoga, they go together just like beer and
pretzels, right? Ask the Seattle Seahawks and they’ll tell
you how their meditation and yoga practice will change the
future of football. (Yep. You may need to go back and
read that sentence over again.)

It may sound odd at first, but for the Seahawks it’s
become just as normal in the sport as congratulatory butt
slapping and end zone dances. If this ESPN Magazine
article is right, Super Bowl yoga was just the beginning!
Because more and more are people getting over the
ridiculous stigma of yoga being “girly” and these people
happen to be stereotypically macho dudes who are known
to shout manly, motivational words and obscenities like it’s
their job, ie. NFL coaches and players.

Seahawks’ head coach, Pete Carroll, is one of these people
and he’s on a mission to bring a gentler and more conscious
approach to the game of unnecessary roughness.

“I wanted to find out if we went to the NFL and really
took care of guys, really cared about each and every
individual, what would happen?” he told ESPN.

So Carroll brought in high-performance sports
psychologist Mike Gervais who leads regular meditation
sessions with the players, starting with 6 minutes for the
newbs and leading longer and individualized sessions for
the more seasoned meditators, like quarterback Russell
Wilson who visits Gervais on a weekly basis.

“We do imagery work and talk about having that
innovative mindset of being special,” Wilson says. “We
talk about being in the moment and increasing chaos
throughout practice, so when I go into the game,
everything is relaxed.”

Offensive tackle Russell Okung waxes poetic on the
importance of meditation and damn it if it isn’t the cutest

“Meditation is as important as lifting weights and being
out here on the field for practice,” Okung says. “It’s
about quieting your mind and getting into certain states
where everything outside of you doesn’t matter in that
moment. There are so many things telling you that you
can’t do something, but you take those thoughts captive,
take power over them and change them.”

Oh and get this, the team was so into the experimental and
optional yoga program last year that they decided to make
it a mandated part of the workouts from now on. The
entire roster practices yoga.

On top of all this meditation and yoga, the positivity,
compassion and consciousness extend into player
relationships and camaraderie.


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