#5163 – 3 Nonduality Meetups in 3 Countries

Edited by Jerry Katz

Here are descriptions of three meetup groups which are followed by writings from some of the organizers. If you want to start your own local meetup group, these give you some ideas of how such a group can be positioned within the world of nonduality gatherings, meetups, and satsangs. And if you live near one of these groups, join it and go!

photo: Cheryl Abram

Waking Up To The Dream Nondualism Meetup – Woodbridge, Virginia

Organizer: Cheryl Abram


Meetup description:

You Are Not Separate From Your Source Is life painful for you? Do you experience a subtle but constant disquiet and wonder, “Is this all there is”, “There has to be something more”. Have you tried prayer, meditation, yoga and other practices to find answers and some semblance of relief? You may experience periods of relief or even joy and peace as a result of these practices, but then it all starts again and the pain and longing for something more returns. The agony continues. Do you know why? We have forgotten who we really are. We believe we are someone living a life with very important beliefs and ideas. We believe we have problems and that we must do something to be better and happier. We are mistaken. This is not an abstract idea. This is not a goal to reach in the future. This is not something that requires belief. This is simply relaxing your focus from “the world” and giving your attention to what is happening right now. You think you know what’s happening, but you must admit that you don’t in order to realize the truth. Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right?



photos (l to r): Cecilia, Anamika, Didier

Auroville Nondual Meetup Group – Auroville/Pondicherry, India

Organizers: Didier Weiss and Anamika


Meetup description:

Nonduality is about the philosophical, spiritual, scientific but mainly experiential understanding of non-separation and fundamental intrinsic oneness. It is also a tool for ongoing exploration of our real nature beyond experience.

We are passionate about the journey, the investigation of the nature of awareness, the essence of Life from which all arises and subsides.

The purpose of the group is to bring together all those drawn towards self-discovery and to make it easy to be in contact with others on the same journey.

Please join us even if you are a casual visitor in our area. It would give a chance for like-minded people to connect with you at your next visit.

Welcome on board!



2014-01-26 21.10.41
photo: taking a break

Nonduality Satsang – Nova Scotia

Organizers: Jerry Katz, James Traverse, Dustin LindenSmith, Chani, Mandee Labelle, Scott and Kim MacInnis, Lynn Fraser, Andrew Macnab


Meetup description:

Nonduality Satsang is based upon a free and independent nonduality that circles around no single teacher, tradition, or sage. We simply come together around a theme or themes, and structure our meetups as questions for consideration and discussion. There is no single leader.

We usually meet at the George Wright House, 989 Young Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is shown as the meetup’s featured picture. It’s a beautiful setting. But we’ve also had great meetings at taverns and empty storefronts!

What is nonduality?

Nonduality literally means “not two.” That is, although things appear to be individual and distinct, at some level they are a oneness. Nonduality refers to the understanding or sense of an underlying oneness of all things. This oneness is felt to be your true nature or at least very important to you in some way.

What is satsang?

Satsang means the company of lovers of truth. Satsang is known by the inclination toward the space of awareness, be-ing, or not-knowing.

What we do

In Nonduality Satsang people authentically come together to hear, express, and value the truth of their nature and existence. They leave with a lasting insight of their true nature. This is accomplished through our collective presence, silence, discussion, confession of one’s understanding and limitations of understanding, food, socialization, all within an atmosphere of celebration, humor, and joy.

We are friendly to all

If you are drawn to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Deepak Chopra, Native American wisdom, Jiddhu Krishnamurti, U.G. Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi, Pema Chodron, The Dalai Lama, Rumi, Hafiz, Mary Oliver, Gangaji, Thomas Merton, anything Zen, or any one of a number of other people, traditions, and movements, or if you are freely and independently investigating, or simply enjoying Truth, you will appreciate Nonduality Satsang. We do not promote any particular teacher or teaching nor are we based upon any one tradition or guru.

We are friendly to all, while promoting, encouraging, and supporting (especially) local teachers, educators, confessors, realizers, and sharers of nondual understanding. Thank you for your interest. Welcome.



Here is the first entry from Cheryl Abrams’ new blog, An Enlightened Mom


So, I’ve decided to start a new blog. For those of you who read my current blog posts at ypifany.blogspot.com, you will see a new side of me here. In this blog, I will take the principles of Oneness and all that, and talk about what it looks like from this perspective.

A catalyst for this blog was a video I saw recently where an interviewer asked a mom if she were awakened. Before she could answer, her “awakened” husband spoke for her and said, “No, she is not, because as a mom she cannot be awakened” (I’m paraphrasing here). He indicated that mothers could not be “enlightened”. The reason is because mothers have to remain in the illusion of separation to raise their children and care for other “worldly” things. He seemed to believe that children and the responsibilities that come with them, pull mothers back into the illusion. I don’t know if this is a common view among males in the non-dual community but I’m curious. Is it? Do males in the non-dual community feel this way?

Now, I totally get that there is nothing wrong in this world. I know that we are all One, and there are no differences. There is no such thing as an “awakened person” or an “enlightened person”. Who we really are is already awake. Who we really are is not a “person”. I see that Life is the only thing that’s going on here, but this comment got under my illusory skin. What I wanted to tell him was,

“Really, Oh Awakened One. There are no mothers and kids in the Absolute, where you are? Just guys and single hotties, huh? Are there also poles, comfy couches, loud music and someone named “Honey Biscuit” serving you drinks? I’ve got news for you Enlightened One. You’re not in Nirvana. You’re in a strip club called StarButts down on 62nd and 3rd. And that sense of euphoria you feel isn’t Oneness, it’s a contact high from the “Doobie Room” next door.

Mothers can’t be awakened…Balderdash!! Take it from a mom who knows…and doesn’t know…whatever the case may be. No one is asleep here. This perception is the most practical experience there is. It’s completely possible to live totally as you really are in this dream. Now, instead of dreaming about problems, hopelessness and despair; it’s a happy dream. A dream filled with wonder, gratitude and laughter. Does anger, sadness, and pain still arise…hell yes! but you don’t take it seriously. Taking it seriously would be like burning your hand on the stove then chopping off your hand to get rid of the pain. Doesn’t that sound ludicrous? Well, taking sadness seriously is just as ludicrous. Taking pain seriously is just as ludicrous. Taking seeming loss seriously is just as ludicrous. Taking my awakened brother seriously is just as ludicrous…and taking myself seriously is just as ludicrous.

In this blog, I’ll be writing as a mom, a woman, a black woman, a sister, a Christian, a wife, a divorcee, a friend, an employee, a taxpayer, an acquaintance, and a citizen of this world. The actor doesn’t have to deny the role, he/she simply remembers that they are not that–they are not the character in the play.

Not only will I be writing the posts, but I will be reading them as well…through your eyes and your experiences. Well, what else can I do?! I’m the only one here…and so are you.

Ciao for Niao!



Here is the newest entry from Anamika’s Potshots blog:


all it boils down to..

Already always the case.

Nothing ever obscures the obviousness.
Because appearances are not It.
They come and go.

Recognizing This,
seeing this to be true in our own experience,
seems to make a difference in the way we go through life.

This is what the seeker is after.
This completion, ease, contentment.

The search is not to become a more improved person.
More subtle, more evolved or more intelligent.

All it boils down to is that
the fight for something else, something better
comes to a shrieking halt.

The war with ourselves and with the world stops.

The resistance to what is ends.

The sense of lack is gone.

The personal construct is seen as
a functional module to interact with the world.
Not any longer as a barrier.
Because the identification with the individual is gone.

Inside and outside has lost its meaning,
and everything is simply seen as it is.

Life happening.

So why and how does recognition take place?

Since you are, and everyone is already This?

Could it be that being more interested in the things
which are perceived,
than in the perceiving itself is a factor?

With what do you identify?
With your name, body, nationality, relationship, family,
work, appearance, search, illness, emotions, thoughts, etc, etc?

If what you are is No Thing.. ?

Who are you ?

Find out…



Posted to the Nonduality Highlights group on Facebook, by Jerry Katz


There are books that grab my throat, inject red words into my esophagus until they are beading up in the whites of my eyes, fire me into black alleys with luminous blue curbs and neon signs that are wordless shapes, electric and breathless.

And there are books that do nothing for me. I mean good books. Books sold at Chapters. Books with hard covers and smooth dust jackets. Books that are like things I’ve told myself to remember and never have, books that have gone to that place. Books that are throw pillows for my real book collection.

Then there are books that meet me. Pilot light for pilot light. Books that bring pebbles from the gutter and say, “This is for you,” The colors won’t stay still. Books that walk with me on the sidewalk to the store on a gray day when the air is heavy and everything is hopeless and fantastic.


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