#5169 – Video Interview with Andrew Macnab

Edited by Jerry Katz

2014-01-26 21.10.41
photo: Andrew is second from right. Photo taken a few weeks ago at Nonduality Satsang.

Andrew Macnab is a carpenter living in West Dublin, Nova Scotia. He was an early member of Nonduality Salon and in 2000 attended the first independent nonduality retreat, held in Rhode Island. We talk about a lot of different topics in what I believe you will find to be a delightfully plain style.

Some of the more popular tracks, I believe, may be about Andrew’s stroke and how his identity winked out, at the 15:00 mark. The discussion on Dogen beginning at the 40:11 mark. Our chat about the sacred stopping place, at 1:18:19. Andrew’s description of the wildlife on his property, beginning at 1:30:00.

Pick a track and watch!

Topics and Tracks

0:00 – 3:20 Introduction to Andrew and topics of discussion.

3:20 – 7:17 Andrew’s work as a carpenter. Working on old homes and their construction. Things found.

7:17 – 8:45 Creative aspect of carpentry.

8:45 – 15:00 Stumbling into nonduality online. Nonduality Salon. Bow hunting. Living in nature. Meditation practice and loss of identity.

15:00 – 26:14 Suffering a stroke and further experience of loss of small self. How life was perceived afterward. Physical recovery. Canadian medical system. Andrew’s current diet.

26:14 – 31:50 Eating meat, agriculture as big business. Andrew’s interest in gardening. Wood stoves.

31:50 – 35:27 Going to the retreat in Rhode Island in 2000 and the value of being with others.

35:27 – 40:11 Andrew’s inquiry to Naropa in the 80s. Studying graphic design.

40:11 – 52:20 Doing translations of classic texts. Recent translation of Dogen discussed in some detail. Zen.

52:20 – 57:47 Andrew’s dogs.

57:47 – 1:05:20 Integration of the wordless and the word, the materialistic and idealistic. Andrew’s feelings about his writings done in the late 90s. Nonduality Salon.

1:05:20 – 1:18:19 Upcoming Nonduality Satsang meetup and question of human conflict. Integration re-visited. Remembrances of meeting in person. Perspectives on time. Online vs in-person behaviour. The nature of argument.

1:18:19 – 1:27:25 Stopping at a sacred place on the way to Rhode Island. Reasons for Chogyam Trungpa moving to Nova Scotia.

1:27:25 – 1:30:00 Bringing silence to Nonduality Satsang.

1:30:00 – 1:42:30 Pair of foxes on Andrew’s property and other wildlife including birds, otters, and crows.

1:42:30 – 1:52:17 Nature of these and other nonduality interviews. Andrew’s current activities.

1:52:17 – 2:10:27 Social aspect of carpentry, especially doing home renovations for extended times. School recess. Nature of play in humans and animals.

2:10:27 – 2:21:22 Cigars. Final words on this and that.

Andrew Macnab’s early writings are at nonduality.com/macnab.htm

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