#5176 – Pete Sierra and Vimalasara Mason-John

Edited by Jerry Katz

Interview with Vimalasara Mason-John



Alternatively, listen on Soundcloud and use the following time cues to access the tracks you want to hear:

0:00 – 4:40 What is nonduality. The label of being a Buddhist, its use and limitations. Paradox and ambiguity.

4:40 – 9:42 Suffering, nature of. Who’s to say one person’s suffering is more extreme than another’s? Vimalasara’s sufferings as stories.

9:42 – 13:06 What it means to have one’s voice. Vimalasara speaks about the group she leads. “How am I going to live my life in this moment?”

13:06 – 15:53 The loose ends in one’s life, that is, the activities that don’t apparently “feed one’s soul,” or that are unpleasant at a deep level. Dealing with conflict and confrontation. Getting caught in stories.

15:53 – 19:22 Waking up, staying with unpleasantness. Thought and identification. A current confrontation broadly described. Email vs face to face communication via Skype video, for example.

19:22 – 26:04 Loose ends re-visited. Voice of self-hatred arising. Having choice on what to pay attention to. Bringing kindness to consciousness of loose ends.

26:04 – 36:56 Teachings explored in the nonduality community. Jerry’s stories and encounters with teachings. Starting online nonduality and its objective. Liberation Unleashed and Scott Kiloby mentioned.

36:56 – 39:24 Scott Kiloby’s work discussed, and addiction. Mental health diagnoses.

39:24 – 50:40 “Is it possible to be addicted and to be enlightened?” Do enlightened people have any unwholesome thoughts, considering that unwholesome thoughts have an impact on the next moment. Practicing and not practicing. Taking the practice of meditation deeper and deeper.

50:40 – 59:57 The art of interviewing. Jerry is asked to recommend books. Vimalasara asks Jerry what he thought of her book. Accessibility of Buddhist and other teachings these days. Nonduality undoes itself.

59:57 – 1:06:44 Nondual Christianity and other religions. Buddha nature. Passive nature of traditional Christianity and prayer and Vimalasara’s childhood experience in a state in which she feared for her life.

1:06:44 – 1:14:52 Our projects and the work we do as practice. Addressing the question of what to do with one’s life. Nature and role of being a teacher.

1:14:52 – 1:25:50 (We’re having lunch and tea while chatting, so some sounds of enjoying food and drink!) Vimalasara’s sangha group and building a leadership team. Leadership. Our groups. (It is stated that Adyashanti’s motto for his work is, “Speak truthfully,” however that’s not true! Last I saw, it was, “Do what’s most true.”) The recording ends abrubptly. We continued to chat but it was not recorded.

Vimalasara is the co-author of Eight Step Recovery: Using the Buddha’s Teachings to Overcome Addiction



Nonduality Talk Radio, featuring Pete Sierra and Vimalasara Mason-John:

Nonduality Talk Radio, hosted by Jerry Katz, may be heard every Wednesday from 12:30 to 1:30PM EST at ckdu.ca. Want to be a guest on the show? Write me.

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