#5180 – Start Your Own Group – Spiderman – Enlightenment Slavery

Edited by Jerry Katz

Today, Wednesday, March 5, on Nonduality Talk Radio: How to Start and Run an Independent Nonduality Meetup Group Wherever You Are and Whoever You Are.

My guest will be co-founder of our Nonduality Satsang Meetup in Nova Scotia, James Traverse. Nonduality Satsang: http://nonduality.ca

We’ll be taking your calls at 902-494-2487

The show is on from 12:30 to 1:30PM EST. You may listen at http://ckdu.ca

The show will be archived at http://nonduality.net/5march2014.mp3 by 9PM EST.


Brendan McCarthy writes…

Hi Jerry, here’s the great 60s comic book character Dr Strange explaining non-duality to a befuddled Spider-Man (referencing the occult path – the ‘crossing of the abyss’ is the magickal version of ‘enlightenment’). From FEVER, a Marvel Comics series from a few years ago.

Dr Strange abyss

Dr Strange matches


This interview

inspired me to write this:

Enlightenment or self-realization has to be seen as rare and scarce in order for it to be economically viable. Enlightenment is worth something when it’s “caught,”, “captured,” “gotten.” Because then it can sold. And in order for enlightenment to retain its value, its scarcity has to be reinforced. You have to constantly be told it’s rare and that one person is enlightened while you’re not. Have you fallen for that spiritual system? Are you falling for it? Consider that enlightenment culture is much like the pharmaceutical industry in which you have to be ill in order for the industry to thrive. Yes, the enlightenment industry requires you to be unenlightened. The “cure” for this culture? Well, of course it’s what enlightenment is all about, knowing who or what you are, that’s all. But notice how you’ve been so conditioned to think that someone else, for example, Mooji, knows who he is and that you can’t possibly know who you are to the same degree that he does. That perceived difference is what enlightenment culture uses in order to survive. But it doesn’t have to. If you are aware that enlightenment culture or nonduality culture is an art of expression, and nothing more, then you can enjoy it and engage within it. But if you buy into the scarcity concept and put your time, money, and energy into getting something, you have fallen for a made-up, false economic system that sees enlightement as a commodity. In that situation you are a slave and the “enlightened ones” are the slave owners.

-Jerry Katz

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