#5182 – How to Start a Nonduality Meetup Group, with James, Maja, and Jerry

Edited by Jerry Katz

What is meant by an independent nonduality meetup group? What are some aspects of its nature?

Listen to the discussion on Nonduality Talk Radio:

maja1photo: Maja

jamesjerryharshaphoto: James, Jerry, Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

On Nonduality Talk Radio this past Wednesday, my guests were James Traverse and Maja Apolonia Rodé. Here’s what we talked about:

Only qualifications to start a group is your passion and your interest in exploring the true nature of being.

Maja Apolonia Rodé contributes the following to the discussion: “Everybody has the dharma within them, not just the one at the front of the room.” Some principles are necessary for a successful group. Leadership is based in asking good questions and coming from a place of not knowing the answers. You have to have leadership that holds the container without taking over the group. Can the love of the teachings, the love of truth hold the container? How do you deal with dominating personality or getting too much into concepts or self-help? Addressing someone new to inquiry and defining the function of moderating a group. Include tips and tricks that are unobtrusive such as the talking stick.

A group at the beginning can be like learning to play a musical instrument, it takes time to get smooth, practiced, and skilled. Bringing together people along in their process.

Discussion on having a core group. Power of openly sharing.

Do you have any special way of leading new people into self-inquiry and being comfortable within a group?

Engaging within a group is like going on a first date. The open, live, vulnerable quality, and exploration.

Importance of moments of stillness and silence. Leadership re-addressed.

Listen to these issues discussed on Nonduality Talk Radio:

Nonduality Talk Radio, March 5, 2014

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