#5185 – Cheryl Abram on Right & Wrong, on Nonduality Talk Radio

Edited by Jerry Katz

Cheryl Abram will be my guest on Nonduality Talk Radio today at 12:30PM EST at http://ckdu.ca. The topics will be right and wrong, true and false: what do we mean by them?

You may call-in and be part of the show. Our call-in number is 902-494-2487

A recording of the show may be heard later tonight if you can’t hear it in person.

Here’s an article on right and wrong from Cheryl’s blog:

You’re Right!

We’re afraid that we’re wrong. We’re not wrong about anything, we’re just wrong. As in “not right”. We’re afraid that wrong is what we are. And the proof that we’re wrong is all around us. The senses are witnesses to the fact that we’re wrong. All the different things, objects and people around us are witnesses to the fact that we’re wrong. We’re wrong and we know it. How do we know it? Well, look at all the proof that tells us so! It’s everywhere! Now that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are wrong, we must be right about being wrong. We must keep all our attention on the evidence that proves we are right about being wrong. Now, instead of simply being witnesses to the fact that we’re wrong, everything around us (and the space in between) is a valid and reliable witness to the fact that we are right about being wrong. Sensing and thinking are our partners, and clearly verify that we are right about being wrong. Things and objects are our faithful companions. Other people are a critical necessity in generating feelings that prove we are right about being wrong. The questions we ask, create answers that prove we are right about being wrong. In our quest to prove that we’re right about being wrong, fear is now a virtue. Sadness, guilt , belief and concepts are devoted allies. Ego is our friend.. Why? Because they support the fact that we are wrong. We need them to prove that we are right in our belief and feeling that we are wrong.

But you were never wrong. You’ve always been right. You never did anything or chose anything that made you “wrong”. You are not wrong. Wrong is not what you are. It isn’t true. Fear is not needed. Witnesses to your “rightness” are unnecessary. Your quest to be right is icing on a cake that’s already been baked, iced and eaten. You’re too late. You’re already right so what are you trying to prove? Your attempt to prove that someone else is wrong is simply your attempt to be right about your “wrongness”. Your attempt to be right under any circumstance is simply your fear that you’ve succeeded in separating yourself from your Source. You’re afraid that you’re right about that. You want to be right, yet you’re afraid to be right. Because you think if you’re right, it proves that you’re wrong. I know. It’s an insane, convoluted, complicated mess of madness we’ve made. We have literally driven ourselves mad. Notice how anger arises when speaking with another person who either doesn’t t react or continually tells you that you’re “right”. You don’t want to just be right…you want to prove it! You need your evidence, your anger, your ego to jump into the fray and prove your rightness…and the “other’s” wrongness! But there is no “other”. You’re trying to prove your wrongness and your rightness at the same time. You believe you can’t be right without first being wrong!

It isn’t true. You don’t need to prove “someone else” wrong in order for you to be right. You don’t need to first be wrong, then prove that you’re right. You’re already right…regardless of what the apparent other says or does. No one is wrong here. There is no wrong here. It’s All right. There are no witnesses here. Witnesses for what?! What is there to prove? There is nothing out there to help you prove that you have separated yourself. There is no one out there to help you prove that you are right about being wrong. You are always right. You never stopped being right. You don’t need witnesses to your rightness because you cannot be anything but right. You can read all the books you want to. Apply the scientific method and be the most intellectual, eloquent, well-spoken, well-versed, well-researched, well-read, most respected, orator and thinker of profound thoughts in all the universe, but you will never outsmart yourself. You will never succeed in proving that you were right about being wrong. And with no one, and nothing here to help you prove it…all you can do is be what you always are. Right.


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