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Cheryl Adams announces….

Part 2 of the topic “Nothing is hidden”
Thursday, March 20, 2014
7:30 PM to 8:30 PM EST
Teleconference Call
1-857-232-0157 Code: 535101, Woodbridge, VA (map)

Join us for part 2 of the discussion on “Nothing is hidden”. Through a teleconference call, we’ll discuss the content in my blog post “The Secret Key to Enlightenment”. Here’s an excerpt: “The only difference between you and Mooji, or you and Rupert Spira or you and Byron Katie, or you and Adyashanti, or you and me, or you and Jay-Z, or you and the Queen of England, or you and your enemy, or you and your neighbor, or you and dead bodies, or you and Republicans, is your belief that there is a difference. You are the only one believing that there is a difference. No one else is doing this. Just you. Which is the same as believing that they are something you are not. Which is the same as your belief that they are “out there”. Which is the same as your belief that you are separate from your Source. The problem is not their declaration, explanation, or appearance of differences, the problem is your belief in this foolishness. The problem is your belief that you are separate! The problem is with you, so that’s where you need to find the solution. A solution that is not secret or hidden.” Visit this link to read the entire post http://ypifany.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-secret-key-to-enlightenment.html


Non-duality Sydney

If you’re visiting or living in Sydney, Australia (we have a Sydney in Nova Scotia, so I have to mention Australia!), a new nonduality meetup group has started there. It’s going to be a good one:


Here’s part of the description:

This group is open to everyone interested in discovering what non-duality is, and to those who are already familiar with it. The group will provide a space to explore the possibility that our experience is already non-dual. The meetings should be open, honest and friendly. There is no teacher or guru, only friends who want to share in truth. The only requirement is an interest in the topic and an open mind.

Non-dual inquiry is not a search for a possible enlightenment in the future, but an exploration of what is here and now. Rather than gaining new knowledge or improving one’s experience, the group’s objective is to carefully and systematically expose the various beliefs and assumptions we hold about ourselves, others, our body, our mind, space, time, physicality and many other aspects of our experience. The group is non-dogmatic and not associated to one particular teacher, although we all have our preferences. Additionally, non-duality is not a self-help method, or a way to resolve psychological problems, although this might happen as a byproduct of the search.


Desire and ‘The Dark Side’

by Colin Drake

A reader was asking me about desire, and its nature, to which my immediate reply was:

Off the top of my head I would say that most desires stem from the one (as does everything!) desire which can be expressed from three perspectives:

Positively, as the desire to be happy.

Neutrally, as the desire to be at peace.

Negatively, as the desire to avoid suffering.

All of which are achieved by Awakening … discovering one’s essential Self …Pure Awareness! That is Consciousness knowing Itself when at rest.[1]

There are also desires for pleasure and interesting experiences which stem from the desire to enjoy the physical world. That is Consciousness enjoying Itself when in manifestation (in motion).

Thus desires stem from the function of the body/mind as an instrument through which Consciousness can know (and enjoy) Itself in both modes when at rest and in motion.[2]

Alas, when one is misidentified as the body/mind, or ego, the foundation of these is misunderstood (as is just about everything!) and they can spin out of control.

For in this case one identifies oneself as being a separate object (in a universe of such) and identifying others as such. In this case the happiness (and peace) that is always present[3], at the core of our being, is masked by identifying with one’s imaginary self-image and identifying others with the ‘images’ we have concocted of them. Thus we start searching externally for happiness by improving our self-image, acquiring more wealth, possessions, status, power, position, etc. etc. This naturally leads to much unnecessary mental suffering leading to the search for happiness being intensified, which leads to more suffering and thus the vicious cycle is perpetuated.

It also entails relating to others as objects (for that is what we think they are) through the filter of the image we have created of them. This will necessarily lead to misunderstanding and mistreatment (of them) creating further unnecessary suffering.

This could well result in wishing to escape from the (seeming) nightmarish ‘reality’ of life by indulging in intoxicants and becoming addicted to these. It also can create the strong desire to ‘transcend’ the day to day worldly struggle by acquiring so much wealth and power that one is financially ‘secure’ and is (seemingly) free from manipulation by others. From this stems the ‘dog eat dog’ world that we appear to live in when identified as a separate object in a world of such.

This continual struggle exacerbates the dark side of human nature – that of greed, exploitation, indiscriminate lust, violence, etc. etc. For more on this see my two earlier essays ‘Good and Evil’[4]and ‘The Question of Sin’[5].

I recently happened upon a discussion of ‘the dark side’ in which I said that it was an illusion caused by ignorance. That is to say that it is an ephemeral facet of our nature caused by misidentification, as discussed above. For this I was castigated by those pointing out the evils in the world, which I have also addressed in the previous paragraphs. Another person brought up cellular memory which, it was claimed, determined our behaviour.

Whilst not denying cellular memory – a classic case springs to mind of a middle-aged teetotal woman who was given the heart of a young man and when asked what she would like, on awakening, she said to her (and everyone else’s) surprise ‘a beer’ – to say that we are necessarily governed by it is to say that we are governed by our past and our physical bodies. This is obviously true if we are (mis)identified as a mind/body but not if we realise that we are the Awareness in which this appears. That is we are the constant conscious subjective presence which is aware of the flow of ephemeral objects – sensations, thoughts, feelings and mental images. It is these latter where memories (both mental and cellular) occur and when seen as fleeting objects coming and going in Awareness they lose their power over us. In fact some nondualist would go further and describe them as illusory which they are if you define illusory as ‘ephemeral’.

An inquirer read in a book,

That memory is just a concept,

This her whole foundation shook,

“No past (self)’ she could not accept.

For memory is a paradoxical thread,

On which seeming continuity revolves.

If not believed our ‘story’ we could shed,

And watch as our ‘small self’ dissolves.

However, it is a useful tool,

For living our day to day lives,

On this our knowing we spool,

Thus objects can we recognise.

Every thing that we meet,

Our mind compares with this store,

So our experience we can greet,

Informed by what’s gone before.

But memories can easily create,

The illusion of a separate being,

If their meaning we overstate,

Not their impermanence seeing.

In fact they just come and go,

In the constant subjective presence,

Ephemeral objects that flow,

In Awareness, our true essence.

So, although memory has its use,

Past memories can delude,

Causing us identity to confuse,

With the story that’s viewed.[6]

Thus when correctly identified with, and as, Pure Awareness memories just come and go as we don’t identify with them. Also desires arise from the wish to enjoy, and experience, life but they do not overwhelm us as Awareness is always at peace whatever manifests (or not as the case may be) within it.

[1]See an earlier essay on ‘The Happiness That Needs Nothing’.

[2]See an earlier essay on ‘Attachment and Love’.

[3]See an earlier essay on ‘The Happiness That Needs Nothing’.

[4] C. Drake, Awakening and Beyond, 2011, Tomewin, p.148

[5] C. Drake, Awareness of Awareness, 2013, Tomewin, p.150

[6]C. Drake, Poetry From A Light Unto The Self , 2012, Tomewin, p.24

Colin Drake’s books are available for immediate download at www.nonduality.com/colindrake.htm

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