Laura Burke on Nonduality Talk Radio Today

Laura Caitlin Burke will be my in-studio guest on Nonduality Talk radio today, Wednesday, at 12:30pm EST on

Laura is a Mental Health Peer Support Coordinator at Dalhousie University, a Peer Support Facilitator, Program Manager with the Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia. She has a Master of Arts in Drama Therapy from Concordia University in Montreal.

Laura is a writer, playwright, poet, actor, performance artist, student of Shambhala Buddhism, and has won community awards for her work.

Her blog is at and she’s on Facebook. Her visual poem is Superhero:

wake up
it’s time to get up
wake up
I am not a superhero
it is true that I have endured the type of soul crushing destruction beyond what most people dream about in their worst nightmares
it is true that I have suffered and my sense of reality has had to shift.
and it is true that there’s an uplifting follow-up chapter to my story
but this is not my only truth
and this is certainly not glory

this is just one part
and if I was traveling through hell
did I eat the pomegranate seed?
did I look over my shoulder?
I sure as hell did.

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