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One the Magazine, Colin Drake on desire and addiction, Cheryl Abram’s teleconferencing call on belief, What Is Advaita?, by S.R. Allen, and a poem by Rafael Stoneman are featured in jumbo issue of the Nonduality Highlights.

Nonduality Talk Radio will feature a replay of last week’s show with Laura Burke. Due to a major snow storm, I ain’t going into the studio. Listen to the show at ckdu.ca at 12:30PM EST Wednesday, March 26, 2014. If you want to hear the weather report on this storm, watch Frankie’s report. Frankie has a cult following:

“Have your Extra Batteries, Candles, Crank Up Radio, Flashlights and Generators Ready and Buy Extra Groceries and have your Shovels, Snow Scoops Snow Plows, Snow Blowers and Salt Trucks Ready…”

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The Spring Issue of ONE the Magazine is online now. Below is a taste from the lead story written by Joan Tollifson, who makes no claim to “flashy, dramatic, awakening experiences,” yet is uniquely one of the clearest and most grounded nonduality authors of our times. In ONE, she shares her story with customary transparency and good humor, always pointing back to the “never-ending, ever-fresh discovery that only happens Here/Now.”

“I’ve never had one of those flashy, dramatic awakening experiences that some people report with kundalini shooting up the spine, nor have I ever experienced the kind of permanent shift some people describe where your life is a total mess and you’re utterly depressed, and then suddenly—BAM!—everything changes overnight and you are forever after permanently established in awake presence, never to be depressed or worried or caught-up in the story of me or the sense of separation ever again. In my case, awakening has been a much more gradual process of waking up and falling asleep and waking up again. And as I see it, there is no end to awakening. It is a never-ending and ever-fresh discovery that only happens Here/Now.

Whenever I tell my story, I like to remind myself and my listeners that it is a mental creation. Memory offers a very selective and often unconsciously altered version of events. In constructing “the story of my life,” the thinking mind is selecting, abstracting, reifying, dividing, and making sense out of an endless, ever-changing stream of sensations, relying on memories that are notoriously mutable, protean, and incomplete. However relatively true that story is, it’s always an imaginary creation, a mental formation, and that’s important to remember. The main character is a creation of smoke and mirrors. So with that said, here’s my story and the story of waking up from my story.”

To read Joan’s full article, as well as the stories of Jan Frazier, Joey Lott, Craig Holliday, and many more, go to www.onethemagazine.com. Take a peek as well in the “Past Issues” column of the main menu, where you can peruse the selection of other well-know contributors such as Jeff Foster, Adyashanti, Gangaji, and more . . .

-Shanti Einolander


Strong Desires and Addiction

by Colin Drake

This is an ongoing question resulting from my article ‘Desire and The Dark Side’:

Hi Colin, I just wonder if for example a seeker had trouble with strong desires, let’s say for arguments sake the desire is for bananas, how would he engage with those desires to escape them?

The following article is my reply. The second part deals with destructive desires and addictions.

Dear XXXX, Just eat the banana! I have no problem with desires that don’t harm oneself or another, see my comments in ‘Awakening and Beyond’:

How do you deal with temptation?

If yielding to the temptation in question does not harm oneself, or another, or lead to misidentification, then by all means yield; otherwise just watch it from pure Awareness without following it, identifying with it, or buying into it and it will just fade.

Enjoy life to the full I say! For this I find that ‘moderation in all things’ is the key, as pleasures wane if over-indulged in and are at their best when tasted sparingly … in the same way the tastiest fruits tend to be the small ones.

As far as rules, moral codes, commandments etc.

are concerned – a pox on them all!!

Let’s just scrap them all and replace them with: ‘do what you want as long as you do not hurt others’.

If you wish to hurt yourself that’s your business, but for awakening it would be more advisable to stick to the first statement. [1]

Also as one gets established in, and as, Awareness then desires loses their potency as the following from ‘Non-attachment and Love’ indicates:

The non-attachment that is praised in spiritual literature would be more accurately defined as non-clinging or non-craving which occurs naturally once one recognises one’s true essence. For in this case one discovers the happiness (or peace and joy) that is inherent in the core of our being requiring nothing to manifest. Then external ‘things’ can be enjoyed (and loved) without clinging to them and allowed to come and go without grasping,

as William Blake says about seeing a beautiful butterfly:

He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in Eternity’s sun rise.’

Then we may prefer, or wish to acquire, certain ‘things’ without craving (‘having a powerful desire for’ OED) them. In this case we are delighted if they manifest but not fundamentally affected if they don’t as the underlying peace is always present.

As I am sure you can see this all applies to those who have managed to establish their identification with, and as, Pure Awareness. This establishment solves our neuroses and addictions as Pure awareness never suffers from (is unaffected by) any of these, so when they come up they are not identified with and thus lose their power. So correct identification, and cultivation of this, is the key to happy healthy living and is thus to be the focus of our efforts.

Naturally destructive desires, or addictions, can be a hindrance in this process and may need to be handled in more conventional (counselling or therapeutic) ways in conjunction with the fostering of identification with (and as) Pure Awareness. This needs to be a hand-in-hand approach and as misidentification is gradually overcome then the need for the conventional approach will lessen until it is finally not needed at all.

That is not to say that awakening is gradual, but as pointed out in Beyond The Separate Self :

So to fully tap the potential of this deeper level one needs to fully commit to identifying with, and as, this. This commitment is paramount, for, as previously pointed out, one will continue to flip/flop between identifying with the deeper and surface levels of our being. As we have spent so many years identifying with the mind/body, we will naturally tend to do this, so we need to continually bring our attention back to the deeper level and to commit to doing this.

In the final analysis the surface level is the abode of the ‘separate self’, ego, with all of its attendant self-obsession and suffering. The only way to go totally beyond this is to dive deeper than this and discover ‘the peace that passeth all understanding’ of pure awareness. This, however, will not totally inform and transform one’s life until one totally commits and identifies with this. [2]

During those periods when one is awake nothing will be needed to obviate desires as they will automatically lose their strength due to the power of identifying with the Pure Awareness that ‘needs nothing’ … This can also flow through to our ‘asleep’ period in two ways:

Firstly, they will gradually diminish in power due to this habitual lessening of strength that has occurred in our ‘awake’ periods.

Secondly, when they return seemingly empowered by our misidentification this can be used as ‘alarm bell’ that we have nodded off again which will restart the investigation resulting in our reawakening. So that they can actually become a positive factor in that they can be the catalyst that causes us to become aware of, and identify with, Awareness. This requires us to be alert to any mental suffering and not to buy into (or follow) this when it reoccurs …

To complete this article here is the questioner’s response:

Thank you Colin!

That about sums it up for me. Thanks for going to the trouble!


C. Drake, Awakening and Beyond, 2012, Tomewin, p. 126-127

C. Drake, Beyond The Separate Self, 2009, Tomewin, p. 100-101

Colin Drake’s books in both digital and hard copy may be perused and ordered at http://nonduality.com/colindrake.htm
Waking Up to the Dream Nondualism Meetup

Cheryl Abram announces a teleconferencing call for her next meetup:

Let’s talk about belief
Thursday, March 27, 2014
7:30 PM Eastern Time

Teleconference Call
1-857-232-0157 Code: 535101

What exactly is belief? Is it like faith, “the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen”? Belief is the glue that holds this illusion together…or is it? Let’s chat about it.

Join Cheryl’s meetup group and get regular notices and updates about here teleconferencing calls: http://www.meetup.com/Waking-Up-To-The-Dream
What is Advaita?

by S. R. Allen

The Sanskrit word ADVAITA means “not two”, or “nonduality”. So, what is it, really? Looking at the world from the standpoint of dualistic perception is partial and errant perception mixed with superimposed conceptual classifications with reference to ego-notions and selfhood. Awakening to the standpoint of nondual wisdom where there is certainty of understanding in spontaneous presence we can remain in the absence of false discrimination. What is usually taken as normal perception and cognition is, in fact, a state of false understanding in which nearly everyone abides constantly when they fail to honestly inspect their mental mechanisms and recognize the truth of things as they really are. Enlightening texts always suggest inspection and analysis of our inner and outer worlds so we can awaken to the real nondual situation. Even the “inner” and “outer” are mere conceptual designations and are not two in reality because reality cannot be one-sided. But this is the way the mind habitually splits one reality into a relative pseudo-dualism.

The real nature of phenomena is nonduality. No single object or event has its own self-essence, so no two things can be ultimately different since they both are merged in the totality of the matrix of existence. The flux, the process, and all functions within the totality of existence are the matrix of reality. Reality has no opposites or anything that is not included within it. There is nothing outside the matrix; it is all inclusive.

There is no thing that can be accurately or completely described and defined by limited language because characteristics are infinite. Therefore, reality is inconceivable, beyond any kind of conceptual elaboration, beyond the discriminations of the mind. All manifested appearances of objects and events are always simultaneously the same in their real identity, no matter what the apparent temporal differences and characteristics may seem to be. The reality of any thing is the same as the real reality of anything else. The interdependence of all phenomena is as it is because, ultimately, any one thing depends for its existence on all else, and all depends on each one, whether remotely or immediately.

The mind gathers in partial details and characteristics of things through sense contact, and then compares qualities and discriminations. The human mind is limited, while details of knowledge are limitless because of the limitless change and infinite motion taking place within conditional perpetual flux. Reality cannot be known through any intellectual construct; reality is known only through identity with it. This means it is crucial to dissociate with conceptual error. To try to conceptualize what is too vast to be conceivable by the discriminating mind is to quit the race one step short of the finish line.

Consciousness in the individual is just ordinary wakeful awareness interacting with the supposed differentiations of the manifested world. In its unobstructed and unconfined state consciousness has a natural lucidity, the individual contemplative, once having recognized his natural holistic presence, is then concerned with integrated wholes, or the total system of manifestation within the phenomenal matrix, rather than with deluded absorption in and attachment to the supposedly separate parts of it. All phenomena are then recognized as they really are, as interrelated components of the unified field of ever changing conditionality. In undifferentiating, nondual holistic lucidity all the implications of the afflictions of conceptual dualism have ceased to be and the phenomenal matrix is clearly observed and understood.

The basis of nescient dualistic concept-making and distracted inattentiveness is the ego-notion. That’s all ego is; it is not an entity, but only an habitual errant notion. The objectifying of one’s subjectivity is the dichotomy of errant perception to be transcended, and one who has stabilized his attention perfectly does not fluctuate back into conceptual aberration. This means one must learn to detect and recognize the very beginnings of distraction and gain a decisive understanding of its mechanics. When automated, reactive concept-making is stopped by attentiveness to present mental situations themselves, always based on the dualistic ego-notion, then the ego-notion will simultaneously subside and automated dualistic thought activity will stop. This is the nondual, nondichotomous realization of one’s true identity as pure consciousness, but possible only in the total abscence of the counterfeit identity, ego.

Unicity is the source of all multiplicity; noumenon is the source of all phenomena; subjectivity is the source of all objectivity. There is no thing anywhere in the totality of existence which is separate or other than this one source, hence there is no thing which possesses its own separate or real being separate from essential source noumenon. So consciousness, as subjective, cannot be separate from its counterpart, phenomenal objectivity. They are nondual too. The primary delusion of any individual is that individual’s primary bondage, conflict, hindrance, and blindness. The delusion will last because an errantly discriminating mind perceives an object as a separate entity, separate from the one source noumenon. This is the primal dualism of the mind. When this errant notion dissolves away, the bondages, conflicts, hindrances, and blindness dissolve away also. The whole problem is mental and arises because each person conceptually imputes himself to be an independent and separate entity within spatiotemporality, not realizing that his innermost real essence is the source of, and same as, that space-time continuum.

The pure subjectivity is pure consciousness, all objectivity is an expression of its subjectivity. When subject, as noumenon, identifies itself with a particular object, excluding all other objects, then the ignorance of presumed dualism dominates. Subject identifies itself as a particular body and mind in which it seems to be stationed; then the ego-notion dominates all perception and thinking. Identifying with any object particularly, such as the body or the contents of the mind is a conditioned artificial fault in mental functioning that prevents our seeing things as they really are, in particular seeing ourselves as we truly are.

Understanding things in this way, as subject vs. object, or as “me” and “the other”, or as “this” over against “that” is dualistic, and there seem to be the two polar terms. Dualistic perception may have some usefulness for conventionality or mundane purpose, but it is sadly incomplete and errant. In the final vision, subject and object are not two (Advaita), since “each”depends on the existence of the “other”, as do space-time objects. The unicity of known object and knowing subject is a totalistic, holistic vision, a complete wisdom-view – not perceiving some sort of mystical oneness, but an elimination of conceiving all objectivity as separately existing outside of subjectivity.

In order to accomplish such an elimination of wrong conceptions, it is necessary to understand many things, for instance, determining what the difference between pure consciousness and mind is, how the ego-notion is developed and how it is purgated, how the mind superimposes, why volition is not ultimately free, what time really is and what is appearance and what is actuality, and how to return to the Source.

Nonduality is known by depth-perception. This is not going to be easy. If it were easy most people would already be liberated and enlightened.



Rafael Stoneman

The Miracle of Color

Here I am Here again
Not again
But only Now
Though it seems that moments are repeating
It is really One continuous moment
What changes and what remains the same?
Somehow through the prism of the mind
many moods appear in consciousness
although there is only one Ultimate mood.
This is the miracle of color
The play of emotion
On the negative end of the scale
we condemn the negative
But we imagine that we are on the positive end
when we seek ways to remove the negative.
How positive would we feel if there was only the positive end of the scale?
If we are willing to sacrifice the pain
are we willing to sacrifice the pleasure?
Equanimity is a dear friend.
One that holds the same embrace for praise and for blame.
The same space for fortune and for misfortune.
The same face for respect and for betrayal.

~ rafael ~


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