#5199 – Rabbin, Smit, Anamika, Vicki, Arunachala

Robert Rabbin will be my guest on Nonduality Talk radio today at 12:30pm EST on http://ckdu.ca

The show will be archived at http://nonduality.net/2april2014.mp3 by 8pm EST, April 2. (The link won’t work until then.)

Robert “offers five programs for people who truly want to develop and refine their ability to speak truthfully — with confidence, credibility, and authentic connection.”


Robert has been writing books and active within the nonduality scene since the nineties, he’s not a new guy on the block. I recommend getting to know Robert.

Here’s Robert being interviewed by Chris Hebard. I really enjoyed this:


Paul Smit is kind of a genius when it comes to delivering nonduality to mainstream audiences. His work has aired on national TV in the Netherlands. Here is notice of his newest movie:

All about nothing is a Dutch movie which invites you to transcend the daily rat race by taking a radically different view on life. This ancient Indian philosophy is called non-duality and has been embraced by the likes of Albert Einstein, Eckhart Tolle, Jim Carrey, Ramana Maharshi and Byron Katie. When this insight strikes, your whole life can change drastically… while nothing has to change.

The movie was made out of passion by 86 people who participated. Therefore we were able to make ‘All about nothing’ with zero budget. It all started as a joke and meanwhile the movie became a success and was on national television twice. We had the movie translated, so it is now available with English subtitles!


photo: Anamika

Speaking of the Dutch gang, here is Anamika‘s latest offering from her blog:

Step back
Step back..

Back from the motivations to act.

From the identification with the
swirling thoughts
and lingering feelings
passing by like buses and cars in
front of our window.

Back from everything which defines us as a person.

Step back from everything which tells us
that we are limited and separate.

Step back just a little while
as if it is a game we play.

Like the game we played in reverse
when we came into the world and played
the game of being the little boy and girl
because we so much wanted to please our parents.
After all the survival of this body depended
on their interest in us.

And after playing the game of being this little girl or boy
for some time we forgot that it was just a game,
because no one told us otherwise.

And with this forgetting we lost home.
Not knowing any more who we truly are.

Instead we identified with this pseudo identity.
Always sensing something is not quite right,
something is missing,
something is wrong.

And as everyone else, we started to look outward,
somewhere else for completion.
Relationships, work, money, enlightenment, cats and dogs,
children, cigarettes, sex and drugs and rock and roll.
Anything at all to fill up the hole created by this misidentification.

We have lost sight of the simple fact of being,
Unconditionally present.
Always here and now.
And more intimate than our own breath.
Step back and see what is always present already..
Consent to be nothing and none, dissolve Time’s work
Cast of thy mind, step back from form and name
Annul thyself that only God may be.
Sri Aurobindo

Anamika’s blog is at http://noname-allthereis.blogspot.ca/

End-Stage Enlightenment

Are you suffering from End-Stage Enlightenment?
Does your mouth refuse to make wise sounds about how you know that everything is all one?
Instead, do you get up in the morning and find yourself content to leave the content to the glibbest among them?
Does your heart sicken at the very idea of personal perfection?
Instead, do you know that you have known all along exactly what is coming next?
Does your roll-on reality still make your pits stink?
I have the cure for this end-stage enlightenment that many suffer silently from.
STOP the self-violence and STOP it now.
End-stage enlightenment just means you are past saving intellectually.
Yes, you are a goner, circling the intellectual drain.
If you give me the thumbs up, I will flush you away.

Vicki Woodyard

Arunachala 1949

photo: Arunachala 1949

The Hill

by Katya Osborne

What is it about Arunachala that attracts some people to the point
of obsession? There are some who, once ensnared, find it almost
impossible to leave; there are others who pass by and barely notice it.
You drive along the main road in either direction and the countryside
is more or less littered with hills of a similar size and configuration.
Why should this pile of earth and rocks be in any way different? Yet
different it most assuredly is. None of the other prominences has the
power, presence, or sheer personality and exuberance of Arunachala.
Even Bhagavan, if he could be said to be attached to anything, was
attached to this place. On the face of it, it is an inexplicable mystery;
yet it is nonetheless a fact and therefore worth trying to explain.

In the myths of antiquity, Arunachala was acknowledged to be the
incarnation of Lord Siva on earth as the Lord of Fire. Physically it is a
hill, or small mountain, some 2,668 feet above sea level, of apparently
unremarkable rocks physically indistinguishable from any others in
this landscape of scattered hills dotted about on the hot plains.
Bhagavan treated Arunachala as a living manifestation of God, and as
such it is hard to describe. A person cannot be truly conjured up by a
catalogue of physical details, and yet any other sort of description is
even harder to arrive at. To those who are in tune with it, Arunachala
is a microcosm of the world. Its signature on the landscape is so
powerful that is seems to distort one’s inner compass; no hill this, but
an overwhelming presence that makes everything else around seem
shadowy and unreal. It also acts like a prism to intensify all the senses
and emotions. Colours seem brighter; the taste of food is sharper; the
very act of breathing is not just the drawing in of whatever comprises
the local atmosphere, rather it is an effervescent inhalation of
invigorating power. Every sensation seems to be keener; love is stronger,
but then so too is hate. Having heightened senses works both ways,
which is why people come to Arunachala. They hope for release and
enlightenment, but the corollary is that all one’s negative aspects are
also highlighted. They can be dealt with or given in to, according to
the personal application of the individual. People who resonate with
the Hill have a unique opportunity to deal with all the troublesome
facets of their characters, to recognise them and try to eliminate them;
they also have the possibility of elevating their least desirable qualities
and this can happen so slyly that it almost goes unnoticed. Small
skirmishes can become major wars and a mild interest in one’s
neighbours can become malicious gossip. In the same spirit, a lack of
interest in personal possessions can become genuine renunciation and
ordinary thoughtfulness can transmogrify into true spirituality.

It is a mistake to suppose that everything within the ambit of the
Hill is benign. People have been robbed, raped, and have even died on
the Hill. Others have lived there as renunciates, untroubled in a cave
for years. Still others have carried on a life-long love affair with it.
Whatever happens in the world at large also happens on or around the
Hill…but more so.

~ ~ ~

Read the full article at https://s3.amazonaws.com/ramanafiles/mountainpath/2005%20II%20April.pdf

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