#5200 – Interview with Robert Rabbin

edited by Jerry Katz


Interview with Robert Rabbin on Nonduality Talk Radio:


An off-the-cuff conversation covering several themes of authentic public speaking:

– Speaking “from” compared to speaking “about.”

– Public speaking as an act of self-revelation compared to an act of providing information.

– Directing your speaking toward the effect you want to achieve. How do you want your audience to think, feel, and act?

– As a speaker, are you aware of the effect you’re creating and are you tracking it, making slight adjustments as you proceed? Real-time awareness.

– Speaking truthfully, what it means. How does it compare to speaking honestly?

– Connecting, creating, expressing, affecting, acting creatively.

– Pre-linguistic communication.

– The five principles of authentic living: Be present, pay attention, listen deeply, speak truthfully, act creatively.

Robert’s website is robertrabbin.com

The following is from Robert’s website:

Speak Truthfully
Speaking with Your Authentic Voice

Do you want to fully and honestly express yourself without fear of criticism?
Do you want to promote yourself and your business without fear of rejection?
Do you want to share your deep desires and dreams without fear of judgment?
Finding our true voice and choosing to speak with that voice brings us to a state of grace. In choosing to tell the truth, we become a blessing to our self, to others, and to the world.

We all have this voice within us, a fiery fearless voice that tells us how to live fully and authentically. All we have to do is listen and act. But there are other voices, both external and internal, which compete for our attention, ones that cause us to doubt ourselves and to distrust our own truth, our own thoughts and feelings. We may let these voices censor our heart and suppress our speaking, dimming our light and our lives.

If you are tired of living with expressive taboos, tired of living at the effect of self-victimizing habits, tired of being bullied by the past and if you want to begin to speak with full passion and power, then come along to one of these furnace-rooms of authenticity and truthful speaking.

Confidence is a Choice
Reclaiming Your Power to Speak and Be Heard

Does speaking truthfully up sometimes make you feel anxious and light-headed? Do you repress your voice and withhold your authentic feelings and point of view because you fear rejection or being misunderstood? Would you like to speak with more confidence and credibility, while commanding trust and respect? Then this workshop is for you. This one-day intensive is for everyone who wants to speak up and be heard anywhere and everywhere, all the time — at work, home, school, play. Speak up. Be heard. Everywhere. All the time.

This workshop introduces participants to “innate confidence,” which is a self-blessing to own and use our inborn right to express ourselves, to speak and be heard, everywhere and at all times.

This workshop is for everyone who wants to authentically and powerfully express themselves to others, and to be heard and considered.

YOU Are the Message
Speaking with Credibility, Confidence, and Connection

Speaking well, both verbally and nonverbally, is a skill and art. This intensive learning experience gives you the philosophy, principles, and practices to help you speak in a compelling, confident, and credible manner — every time, all the time. You will learn to impact your audience consciously and purposefully with the power of your presence.

When we speak to people, we need to establish our credibility before we can influence our listeners. People want to know who you are. They want to believe in your motives, intentions, and character; in the story you tell about who you are and what you intend to do. If people do not find you credible, they will not listen to you, they will not trust you, and they will not allow you to influence them. Delivering your message in an authentic and credible manner will inspire your audiences to trust you.

“YOU Are the Message!” focuses on authenticity and credibility in self-expression, and how to make an authentic connection with your audience. You will learn to identify and use behaviors that communicate YOU and your message with clarity and power.

Speak for Effect
Creating Clear, Concise, and Compelling Content

Whenever we speak, we create an effect on our audience, whether our audience is one person or 5,000. We produce the effect with what we say and how we say. Is our effect conscious, purposeful, and intentional, or is it random and hope-for-the-best?

In Speak for Effect, we focus on what we say — the content itself. You will learn how to skillfully conceive, organize, and communicate your talk or presentation so your audience is immediately inspired and motivated to listen to you wholeheartedly and with full attention.

Human attention spans are fragile and short-lived, and our audiences are besieged daily with hundreds of messages seeking their time and attention. Your audience will be impatient for you to get right to the point, and they will want your message to be meaningful and relevant to them, and in terms they can quickly and easily understand and relate to. If you ramble without focus, they will tune out. If you overwhelm them with too much information, they will tune out. If you have no emotional authenticity in your stories, they will tune you out.

The fact that you may have important things to say does not mean that people will hear, remember, and use your important message. You have to know how to Speak for Effect — how to consistently produce a conscious, intentional, and purposeful effect.

In this workshop, you will learn how to use The Five Ps and Flight plan, clarifying and organizing tools which enable you to easily generate clear, concise, memorable messages for all manner of communication opportunities: keynotes, lectures, conferences, business presentations, fundraising activities, workshops, and media interviews.
Conscious Communication in the Workplace
Creating a Culture of Truthful Speaking

This program for up to 15 executives is an interactive exploration of speaking truthfully in the workplace. The overall aim of this program is to understand, acknowledge and fully appreciate the importance of speaking truthfully in the workplace.

A workplace culture of truthful speaking is one in which people are expected to have open, honest, timely communications intended to share authentic thoughts, feelings, and ideas in order to experience energy and enthusiasm, strengthen relationships, build trust, solve problems, realize goals, and produce positive results.

The output of the day is a set of behaviorally-defined truthful speaking communication principles that become the foundation of a culture of conscious communication. We look at how to roll out and maintain this culture, in which people feel safe and free to speak in an open, honest, direct, and timely manner.

For more information visit robertrabbin.com

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