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Ramaji’s main mission is to spread practical non-dual teachings about the Heart on the right, Amrita Nadi and Self-enquiry meditation in the Advaita enlightenment tradition of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Ramaji facilitates the non-dual spiritual awakening of the casual seeker and serious student alike via delivery of the RASA (Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement) non-dual transmission. He delivers RASA in person and long distance to groups or one on one over Skype. The RASA transmission takes only a few minutes, yet its spiritual benefits can last a lifetime. Physical distance makes no difference.

Based on his own experiences, Ramaji has clarified and streamlined Self-enquiry for the West. Ramaji strongly encourages meditators to arrive at the thought-free state. By dwelling in and abiding as the thought-free state, the Self is realized.


Ramaji tracks:

0:00 – 7:21 Introduction to Ramaji. Ramaji talks about how his book started and the nature of levels of consciousness. Compares his work to that of David Hawkins. Some spiritual biography. Function of empathy.

7:21 – 14:22 Some of the people rated and their scores. Value of this work in getting a handle on assessing nonduality teachers. David Hawkins’ ratings compared. Nature of Ramaji’s evaluation process. Receptivity to “mental density” or “outer protective layer,” or “mental armor.”

14:22 – 22:49 Ramaji gathering date on evaluations. Characteristics and features of different ratings levels with associated experiences described. Perfection of duality as it is at level 1000.

22:49 – 25:10 Nature of level 1000. “Everything is I.” Universal I-consciousness. It is all myself.

25:10 – 28:54 Mission to get everyone to level 1000. Value of RASA discussed. “I am kicking spiritual butt with this RASA thing.”

28:54 – 32:15 Value of the great desire for enlightenment. Be honest with yourself. Enlightenment has to be your passion. Main problem is indifference. Value of meditating a half hour a day toward achieving world peace.

32:15 – 38:37 The world as thought, corporations and the military as only thought based. All the masses have to do is start meditating and that would de-couple them from deep conditioning. Identification softens with meditation and space opens in our thought patterns. However, the masses are in a trance and kept in a trance by corporate advertising. “People think the world is real … and then torture themselves with it.” Being a human being: feel free, loving, peaceful.

38:37 – 45:27 More levels discussed. 500’s, nature of. Average person is 210. Spirituality starts at 500. Serial killers are below 100. Dictators are below 200. 300: Tanya Harding. 400s are scientists, wealthy people. Bill Gates = 524. Oprah = 582. Above 628 you’re living in non-doership, you can do whatever arises which may appear to come from a low rating level.

45:27 – 48:10 Potential for abuse if someone pretends they’re established in non-doership. Charles Manson mentioned. People rated 1000 are impeccable regarding abusive behaviour.

48:10 – Jerry asks, “Ramaji, should people believe you?” A new level of purification after enlightenment, which is a function of non-doership.




Excerpt from 1000: The Levels of Consciousness and a Map of the Stages of Awakening for Spiritual Seekers and Teachers,  by Ramaji
Higher Is Not Always Better

The transparent energetic clarity revealed to me by the LOC
1000 person who is “lost in the Absolute” has no parallel in
lower LOC levels. At the same time, since there are many “X
factors” in the delivery of satsang, it is entirely possible that an
enlightened teacher at a lower LOC may be presenting just the
right quickening of consciousness for his or her students.
It is natural to assume that “higher is better.” What matters
most is the “chemistry” between the two of you.

A higher LOC would be better for the teacher for their own
sake, but it is entirely possible that a teacher with a lower LOC
will be better for you. They may be easier to understand.
Best-selling author Deepak Chopra (LOC 562) is not yet
established in non-duality, yet his teachings have been a great
help to many. The consensus is that Chopra has made great
contributions to the modern non-duality movement.

As an educator, Chopra is hard to beat, but more advanced
and sophisticated students know that there is unparalleled
value to being in the presence of one who is established in
non-duality. In that case, Jeff Foster (LOC 678) and Scott
Kiloby (LOC 754) are examples of accessible compassionate
teachers who are well integrated in their realization. Likewise,
both Gangaji (LOC 1000) and Francis Lucille (LOC 1000) offer
liberating wisdom in a loving supportive context.

Even though I returned to Ramana Maharshi (LOC 1000) and
Nisargadatta Maharaj (LOC 1000) for clarification of many
subtle yet critical points, Ramesh Balsekar (LOC 764) was the
perfect guru for me in 1989. Ramesh’s message, down to the
exact words the he spoke in person to me, was precisely what
I needed to hear. The alignment itself was what mattered.
My conclusion from my spiritual initiation with Ramesh
Balsekar is that the LOC of the teacher is not the most critical
factor. Obviously, you want him to be stabilized in non-
duality. The “transcendental” attunement between your
awakened guru and you, the sincere disciple, is the key.

The purpose of this book is to elucidate apparent differences
between teachers in their presence, behavior and message.
When the facts are laid out, it appears that guru misconduct is
much more likely with teachers in the 600s and 700s.
The classic forms of misconduct are very familiar to us. Four
big areas show up again and again. They are abuse of power,
abuse of money, abuse of drugs and abuse of sex.

Of course, these are the same exact areas that exploitation,
misconduct and abuse can be found in worldly contexts like
politics, sports, business and entertainment. The guilty party
is usually a man, but not always. Women seem to be less
prone to scandalous behavior, but then they are not as likely
to be in a position of authority where misconduct is possible.
There is no simple explanation for this problem. In the case of
spiritual teachers, it is possible to come out too early publicly
as a teacher. In theory this should not make a difference, but
in practice a major awakening takes time to stabilize and
integrate. Coming out a few months or a few years after your
breakthrough into non-duality could be counterproductive.
There is no hard and fast rule about this. It is more a case of
“By their fruits you will know them.” Most people are not
even remotely prepared for being in a position of authority
where sex, money and recreational drugs may be made
available without the conventional rules or limits. Much like
the people who win the lottery and proceed to ruin their lives,
too much of a good thing can easily turn out extremely bad.

After a sage is ensconced in this position of authority, it will
be the rare teacher who decides that he or she needs to step
down and take a break. Usually a crisis needs to occur before
such an action takes place. Even then the sage may deny any
wrongdoing. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is
worth a pound of cure. That means wait until you’re ready.
To use traditional language, in the LOC 800s sages and above
a purification process has taken place that the teachers in the
lower non-dual LOCs have not gone through. This includes
deeply buried emotional traumas but is not limited to that.
The progression from the lower non-dual LOCs to the higher
non-dual LOCs on up to LOC 1000 is not just a matter of going
higher in consciousness. The final stabilization in the Absolute
is a full resolution of the world and the other. Love has been
fully integrated into the path. When you are a teacher at this
level, the student you are teaching is your very own beloved
Self. The evidence is strong that impeccable purity is more
likely to be found the higher you go on the LOC scale.
Highly revered masters like Ramana Maharshi and
Nisargadatta Maharaj were impeccable in their behavior as
well as in the clarity and effectiveness of their non-dual
message. They represent the gold standard to which the
majority aspire but to which only a minority attain.

“Self-realization” has been used to describe an absolute
separation between the “realized” and the “not realized.” The
evidence does not support this idea. Parallel to the evolution
of life on earth, there is unfoldment over time and integration.

Progression upwards in the non-dual LOCs means that the
mind becomes more and more attenuated until, at LOC 1000,
it finally disappears. It can be argued that the mind continues
with the difference that it is no longer a problem for the sage.
Either way, the mind as such is gone. Now there is Silence,
and in this Silence, thoughts may or may not arise.

To attain enlightenment and get established in non-duality is
one thing. To live as a human being who compassionately
embodies the truth “All is my very Self” is quite another.
If the apparent other human being in front of you is indeed
you, if they too are this Buddha Nature, then surely the last
thing you would dream of doing would be to hurt, harm, limit
or confuse them. After all, you are only hurting yourself.
In Buddhist circles, this challenge has been posed as “Would
you do this [act of misconduct] to someone you know for sure
is a Buddha?” Christians may ask “What would Jesus do?” The
answer is obvious in both cases, yet misconduct continues.
Clearly, these forces run very deep. Non-dual awakening does
not mean that every twisted knot of the subconscious has been
burned through and resolved. It does not mean that terrible
traumas from past lives and this life have been handled. One
of the gifts of awakening is that now you are in a position to
dig up and resolve submerged conflicts that the empirical ego,
when it ran the show, would not let rise to the surface.

At the “top of the mountain,” life is service. If everyone is your
beloved Self, then the ongoing daily suffering of these others
is your suffering also. There is no room for selfish behavior.
You live for the realization of all beings, for they are you.

Because you love yourself without limits or conditions and all
is your Self, this is inevitably true. How this will look to others
cannot be predicted. In your heart of hearts, you will know
that you are on an authentic path of compassionate love.
The teacher of non-duality is a doctor for the deeper soul. All
of us who seek to minister to the spiritual needs of others will
do well to remember the words of the father of modern
medicine, Hippocrates” “First do no harm.”

To rework a familiar discussion, at issue is not so much if the
teacher is “halfway up the mountain” or even “half-baked.”
The concern is whether they are integrated and capable of
profound and consistent love, service and sacrifice on a day to
day basis. The dynamics of teacher-student relationships,
including the tricks and traps as well as the rewards, are
lucidly covered by transpersonal psychotherapist Mariana
Caplan in her book The Guru Question.

~ ~ ~

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