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#5232 – Krishnamurti’s Notebook: Long Dialogue from Nonduality Salon

Edited by Jerry Katz

Nonduality Salon is a private email forum on Yahoo Groups. It was public up to around January 2012. I made the group private because it was becoming too time consuming to moderate.

I may as well mention the connection between Nonduality Salon and the Nonduality Highlights. The latter was started because there were so many excellent posts on Nonduality Salon that few could read and absorb them all. Imagine hundreds of people as articulate and interesting as the ones featured in this issue in an era when ego-busting was fashionable. Yup. So we created a new Yahoo Group that featured the highlights of each day’s activity on Nonduality Salon, hence the Nonduality Highlights.

This issue of the Highlights returns to its roots, featuring a discussion that has taken place in the last few days on Nonduality Salon.

The name of the thread is Krishnamurti’s Notebook. Continue reading