#5228 – Mary O’Malley on Nonduality Talk Radio

Edited by Jerry Katz

Mary O’Malley on Nonduality Talk Radio. Mary is a speaker, author, group facilitator and counselor in private practice in Kirkland, Washington. Through her organization, Awakening, she invites others into a center of clarity, compassion and trust that can be accessed no matter what is happening in their lives. Her website is www.maryomalley.com.

This interview is mostly based on Mary’s new book, What’s In The Way Is The Way




Download/listen: http://nonduality.net/11june2014_omalley.mp3


0:00 – 11:10 Introduction. Darkness of her early life. Discovering a yoga teacher Joel Kramer. There’s nothing that needs to be fixed. Bringing attention into immediate experience is where transformation happens. Meeting Stephen Levine. Seeing the observer. Recognizing that you are the space.

11:10 – 19:17 Being with what is. The metaphor of the meadow, life flowing, always moving, nothing in the meadow resists the flow. We are the space that life flows through. “We were raised by unconscious giants.” You’ve never left the meadow. Being curious about the spells we’re all under. Suicide attempt.

19:17 – 23:52 “Look for the helpers.” -Fred Rogers. Core spells we’re under. Asking questions without looking for answers.

23:52 – 34:39 The joy of being fully alive. Life knows what it’s doing. Power of attention to heal. Joseph Campbell and the experience of being alive. Life as a play which you can be curious about simply as a play, a series of spells. Artfulness of life. “Our lives are absolutely flawless.” Walking out of the theater. Flawless methodical madness. Every challenge comes with great gifts.

34:39 – 38:50 Evolutionary shift in human consciousness. Mary’s evolution. Her daughter’s recent serious illness.

38:50 – 41:27 Re-membering. Two aspects of consciousness that have become weak. Strengthening these aspects via her book.

41:27 – 53:26 What is it like to listen? Examples from her retreats. Example from Mary’s life. Relaxing into life. You can’t do your awakening. We are the space that life is happening in. The most important gift we can give to ourselves and the world. Final words. Outro.

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