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Edited by Jerry Katz

Yikes, the Nonduality Highlights is fading away! Not really. Dustin and I will do our best to keep the presses rolling. Dustin is our typesetter, carefully setting each letter the old-fashioned, painstaking way. Hey Dustin have fuuun.

This issue features Tathina, Scott Kiloby, One The Magazine, Silvana Ziviani, and a great nonduality website I hadn’t seen before. See ya next time and thanks for being patient with us the Highlights continues to transition into its new, not yet clearly defined, phase of publication.


Tathina on Nonduality Talk Radio:

or download at www.nonduality.com/18june2014_tathina.mp3

From Tathina’s website www.tathina.com:

The body grounds us. With the body we are grounded in this present moment. We can feel all the feelings that need to be felt through the body. The whole universe is open to us through the grounding in this body. And this takes away the power from the stories of our mind. It brings us from up in the fleeting clouds to down, here, in THIS unmoving, unbreakable, untouched moment. God/Life gives us messages through the body. Like for example if you are at a party and you just know this isn’t where you want to be, you feel it in your gut. Your body doesn’t feel right. God is saying No. The mind will tell you to be polite and stay, it will betray you and your best interests. But if you listen to yourself, and feel the feeling/sensation in your body you will be taking care of yourself and you can leave. Taking care of ourselves is our main priority. Because we only know for sure what we need. The more we take care of ourselves, the more others can learn to take care of themselves too. We are living from an empowering place. Not being dependent on anyone else, but Life/God.

The body is like a temple we are renting out from the Divine. It keeps us centered and we can use it to meditate and be in the space where no body or no thing is, whenever we want. Through pain, pleasure, ecstasy, and illness the body is teaching us to simply be Here in the moment if we feel the sensations that arise without a story attached to them. You can use your breathing or any sensation to take power away from the mind. This is a simple and powerful practice. Simply feeling sensations in the body and staying as the Self for some time every day whenever you make the time will keep you grounded wherever you are. This will rejuvenate you. The less identified you are with your body, the more you naturally love to take care of it. It is like your child, it is a part of God/Life and though it does have an end date, it is housing the Eternal.



Join Scott Kiloby for a Four-Hour Live Telecast from the Kiloby Center

Dear Friends,

I will be broadcasting live from the Kiloby Center on Sunday, June 29th at 1pm pacific time. During this workshop, I will explain the innovative ways we are bringing folks to the natural rest of presence at our new center, including through our Living Inquiries. This workshop will be both explanatory and experiential.

Come and dive in with me! We will be addressing endless spiritual seeking and how to bring that to rest, addiction, anxiety, depression and many other things.

We feel we are on the cutting edge of things here. Come see for yourself!

Register or learn more

Scott Kiloby


The new issue of One The Magazine is out. Contributing authors include Miranda Macpherson, John Sherman, Vicki Woodyard, John Ptacek, Thomas Razzeto, and Andrew Storm. Included are poet Darrel Shaffer and artist Toinette Lippe.



by Silvana Ziviani

I am a 77 year-old lady from Italy, since 40 years I practice theravada meditation and other “non-duality” paths, having lived for many years in meditation centres and monasteries in Burma, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Thailand. In the last two years I wrote a “reportage” of this long and in-depth experience with a spiritual autobiography whose title is “BEYOND MEMORY: A JOURNEY TOWARDS INNER FREEDOM”. The book has been published (as paper-book and as E-book) last month by Lulu Press.

I wanted only to let you know about this book, hoping that somebody will have spiritual benefit from it.The links are:

http://www.lulu.com/shop/silvana-ziviani/beyond-memory/paperback/product-21626446.html(paper-book), and


Silvana Ziviani, seventy-five year old, has had an extremely adventurous life both internally and externally, and with this book, a true and exact report of her inner voyage, she wants to offer testimony of the direct experience of her long and difficult religious search, the hard-fought and thrilling quest for the freedom of the heart.

This is a book that can be read at different levels: It is an autobiography of a modern woman and her adventurous life, but at the same time, it’s a study of Buddhism and its various traditions; it is the direct experience of the teachings of the foremost spiritual masters during entire years of silence and meditation almost without interruption, years of going deeply within, into the mechanics of the mind and emotions, isolated in various meditation centers throughout Europe and Asia (Nepal, Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand).


I would like to recommend this tumblr page to you. It has some really great quotes on non-duality. This is NOT MY PAGE, but one I have read many times and am wanting to share with others. I figured you would be interested as it is in line with the information on your website.
Thank you very much.


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