#5234 – Lynn Fraser on Scott Kiloby

Edited by Jerry Katz

Scott Kiloby was scheduled to be the guest on Nonduality Talk Radio, but after several attempts to connect with Scott we had to declare an unsolvable technical problem on our end. Apologies to Scott and our listeners expecting to hear him.

Senior Facilitator of Scott’s Inquiries, Lynn Fraser, was in the studio with me and on the show she speaks about the nature of the Living Inquiries. In the background you might hear me murmuring with the technicians as we try to get our phone system working. Lynn’s speaking is sometimes interrupted as we try to get in touch with Scott Kiloby. We never did.

In the midst of the technical confusion, you’ll see that Lynn Fraser remains clear, calm, and professional. Hope you enjoy the couple of interludes of music! Lynn finally leads Jerry through the Natural Rest in response to his feelings around anxiety arising as the result of technical difficulties, and she also describes various kinds of inquiries and how they work. Lynn provides an example Natural Rest which is extensive and powerful.

Mandee Moon joins us in the last few minutes and immediately enters into the spirit of the discussion. Lynn talks about Scott’s online recovery center which is in development. More discussion on sensations and stories about sensations, and freedom. Importance of feeling safe.

Kiloby Center for Recovery. www.kiloby.com

Lynn Fraser, Senior Facilitator of the Inquiries: www.nondualinquiry.com

Yogini Mandee Moon: www.yogaheart.ca

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