#5235 – Goodbye Highlights, Hello Nonduality Talk Newsletter!

Edited by Jerry Katz

I always sorta had this vision that Gloria, Mark, Dustin, and I would finish issue number 10,000 of the Highlights, we would announce it as our final issue, a big global celebration would follow with the four of us sitting in a convertible waving to our fans, confetti raining upon us: a Mardi Gras of nonduality to acknowledge our tremendous accomplishment!



That ain’t happening.

The Nonduality Highlights has gone out with nothing more than a sigh and a gentle closing of the eyes.

The Nonduality Highlights didn’t finish. If we had an end goal before terminating the project, such as issue number ten thousand, then we could say the Highlights was finished.

The Highlights didn’t finish. It was just over.

But wait … something is being re-born. I’m calling it the Nonduality Talk Newsletter. It’ll feature articles about people who have been featured in my past interviews, as well as those to be interviewed in upcoming shows. There will also be occasional articles in the spirit of the old Highlights, whether from Dustin or Gloria.

Also, I’m going to carry on the numbering scheme of the Highlights, so that we may actually achieve issue #10,000.

Welcome. Thanks for being a reader.

photo: Dancers Jerry Katz (L) and Dustin LindenSmith

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Show #43 July 9, 2014 Canela Michelle Meyers, with co-host Chani.
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Show #46 July 30, 2014 Scott Kiloby, with co-host Lynn Fraser
Show #47 August 6, 2014 Philip Shepherd, author of  New Self, New World: Recovering Our Senses in the 21st Century
Show #48 August 13, 2014 To be announced
Show #49 August 20, 2014 Dr. Rita M. Gross, author of Religious Diversity What’s the Problem?: Buddhist Advice for Flourishing with Religious Diversity

Canela Michelle

Giving Form

I came Here to write.
Consciousness is my partner.
EveryOne’s partner, really, and everything.
Hearts open…hearts are the blank page where words emerge.
Coming into form of their own accord.
A Heartfelt page of Consciousness then – the sweet place of spillage of this heart.
The page calls on the spill, catches it, embraces it and makes it whole.
The essence is in the words themselves, not in the understanding of them.
And, understanding may be included.
Freedom is in the essence shared. Not blocked, flowing itSelf out.
Exposing itSelf. Yes… this has been before – words about the flow of words.

A dancing away Now, pushing away, knowing, in the same moment,
that the motion of the push,
the words becoming lighter,
then, coming back,
refreshed and more whole.
Of cleansing oneSelf into the Ocean of Meditation.
The action of Living depicted, exampled, in moments of a pen dancing with paper.
Who listens to this? Who receives this? Someone, somehow, somewhere, sometime, is receiving this or else the words would simply not appear.
And I can feel it – inside the receiver, what the words entice inside…a dance of the receiver…enticing that One, as itSelf, to Live.
Be it dancing, writing, painting, cleaning, hiking, banking, farming….what is the play?
Touched open, alive.
It itSelf knows itSelf and cannot help but dance along,
entranced by its own energetic Self – Creation dances itSelf out into the open.

Every single One of One, will know themSelves,
in the moment of receiving these words, this dance.
The receiver will know that these words were written, are written, and will be written for That Self. Whoever they are.
Human Self – “One”’s that can receive these words.
The whole purpose of their existence,
the words forming into themselves,
enticed forward to entice the very same,
to invite that Self to whole Selfhood.
Human Selfhood that knows itself in the moment of being the receiver received.
From itSelf, to itSelf.
The movement of this dance strengthening itself.
Crazy? Yes, maybe…Insane. Being in the Sane. Yes.
Not resisting That,
brings it fully around to itself.
Be Crazy.

I have been called a wordsmith, when, to be truthful,
it is the words that form this ‘me,’
define the edges — that there is, in fact, within the illusion, this human.
See!?!? The words could not appear if “I” were not Here!
So the words and I form each other – I see this now.
A partnership of no separation, spilling itself about. Yes.

Canela Michelle


Philip Shepherd 

Ultimately, our head-centric way of being keeps us in a stressful, self-perpetuating loop:

• top-down living disrupts wholeness;

• a lack of wholeness induces anxiety;

• anxiety makes us yearn for more control;

• and more control is promised by top-down management – both within the self and within society – even as it further disrupts wholeness.

As this frenzied cycle goes round and round, it corrodes our sense of connectedness.  And that, paradoxically, is where our hope for the future lies – because we feel the effects of that disconnection so keenly and want it to heal, and because we know deep in our hearts that if only we can find our way out of the numbing agendas of reason that oppose the world and struggle to outthink it, we can share in the world’s ineffable grace – not as spectators, but agents.

~ ~ ~

Read the entire article here


Rita M. Gross

Writing Samples

To download a PDF file “Why We Need to Know our Buddhist History,” click here.

To download a PDF file “Buddhist History for Buddhist Practitioners,” click here.

To download a PDF file “How Clinging to Gender Subverts Enlightenment,” click here.

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