#5237 – Interview with Canela Michelle Meyers

Edited by Jerry Katz

Canela Michelle Meyers was my guest on Nonduality Talk Radio, Wednesday, July 9, 2014.

Canela Michelle lives in British Columbia, Canada. She supports people to relax more and more into who they already are. She supports them to use real, in the moment details to Be Present – to accept the gift of Now.

In her on-going invitation, nothing is left out, all is included as all is Love. She lives this and supports others to allow this for themselves. She is not someone to ‘follow’, she points you to you yourSelf, where All resides.

Canela has been supporting people to Awaken to themselves and their world through Satsang Meditation gatherings and private Satsang sessions (in person or via phone) since 1999.

In this interview, co-hosted by Jerry and Chani, Canela defines nonduality, reviews some milestones in her journey to nonduality, including personal events, and then proceeds, in a way that becomes granular and intricate, to discourse on the way she supports people, offering a transformational satsang.

The conversation includes the following themes and questions:

Learning how to be with one’s energies responsibly. What does it mean to be responsible?

Seeing wholeness, innocence, and equality in others.

“What’s the most loving way I can be with myself and those around me?”

Parenting: trusting oneself in the moment through the heart, including all details that can be seen, and then taking action.

People may omit what their own heart says.

Awareness at play with such incredible magnitude that it brings tears. Miracle upon miracle.

Everyone is always experiencing love where they are.

Giving yourself space to see what’s happening. Embracing and trusting oneself, one comes to embrace and trust others and to some extent they trust and embrace you.

With humanness is life itself. Awareness revealing itself to itself.

Response to psychological irritation about something.

Exploring energies locked inside a person.

Learn more about Canela at www.canelamichelle.com

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