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Robin Williams Passes Away – Interesting Memorabilia


Photo: Robin Williams in the 70s

Meeting Robin Williams

by Jerry Katz

Back in 1975 I tried stand-up comedy for about a year. I mostly performed on Sunday nights at the Improv in West Hollywood. Sunday was open-mike night and if you wanted to perform you had to line-up outside the Improv. The first 12 or so people in line would get to perform. You had to get in line around 6pm.

Once we have about a dozen people in line, we didn’t want to stay there until they let us in at 9pm, so we would write our names on a sheet of paper according to our place in the line. We would then go our own way and get back in line around 9pm according to the list.

On one of those nights, for some reason, I kept the list of names and when I re-discovered it, I saw that one of the guys who signed it became very famous. Robin Williams, who passed away today: Continue reading