#5247 – A Selection of Fine Writers

Edited by Jerry Katz

I took two tea bags, a chai and a ginger and put them in the same mug. Blending like this is fun. Seinfeld did this with cereal. You end up with a lovable mutt, or mug, of tea.

We can do this with true statements. Throw them together and see what comes out. Paradox can rock.

Blow your own mind. It’s time.

Vicki Woodyard

~ ~ ~

Vicki has a new and beautiful book coming out for which I [Jerry ]wrote the foreword. I’ll be publicizing that at the right time, in a few weeks. It’s not like any other nonduality book out there. A unique perspective.


Here is an endorsement I wrote for Cheryl Abram‘s upcoming book, Firing God:

“Cheryl Abram–currently facing debt, foreclosure, a divorce, and the displacement of her children — has written a book as timeless as her childhood in Pecan Grove and as relevant as what’s happening this moment in your own life. At the end of the book, Abram is still facing debt, foreclosure, divorce, and the displacement of her children. Yet something has shifted. How Cheryl Abram writes about that shift is what makes this one of the most important books in the spirituality genre in the last twenty years. It is likely that upon finishing this book you’ll take a deep breath, relieved that you don’t have to improve yourself or become a better person, because now you’ve seen something else, something wholly different, and it’s that seeing that matters.”
–Jerry Katz, Nonduality.com




This coming Wednesday, August 27, on Nonduality Talk radio, I’m interviewing the philosophical illusionist James David Parker http://www.jamesparkermagic.co.uk/.

Listen at 12:30pm EST at www.ckdu.ca



Joy Without a Cause
by Colin Drake

‘Do you have joy without a cause,
Yea faith without a hope?’
From ‘The Ballad of The White Horse’,
Chesterton’s enquiring trope.

The Absolute is ‘The Causeless Cause’,
Of everything in manifestation,
Pure Awareness when in ‘pause’,
Cosmic energy whilst in agitation.

Consciousness, at rest and in motion,
Nondual presence existing in two states,
All appears and subsides in this ocean,
Movement which arises, abides and abates.

If we identify with the changeless,
Pure Awareness, constant conscious essence,
Then life loses its unpleasant strangeness,
Often full of joy and exuberance.

This joy has many facets, such as relief,
When the burdens of the illusory self fall.
The wonder of direct-seeing, without belief,
For self-concern ceases perception to pall.

Peace, for Awareness is always silent and still.
Enjoyment of life as an instrument of This,
Experiencing varied sensations that life fill.
Unfiltered, the world encountered ‘as it is’.

Compassion, for we are of the same essence,
Seeing all are one, no other, many or two.
Fearlessness, for angst is banished hence,
Nothing to hope for, or that we have to do.

~ ~ ~

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This is a terrible message for the person.
Devastating.There is Nothing in the topic of Nonduality for the person.

There is not a someone who will get
more happy, more free, more intelligent.

This is NOT what the person wants to hear.

It is a bleak landscape with no control.

An emptiness which is disconcerting.

When through Grace the contraction of the
energetic construct of a felt identity falls away,
the center of existence of this person is gone.

The me around which the entire life has been operating
my story,  my character,  my past,  my blah blah
drops away.

Much like they say in all the texts:
it is the death of the personal self.

At the same time:
You are already That which is aware and sees
the story of the person happening.
Sees everything always already happening.

And there is Nothing that needs to be done
to come closer to what you already are.

It is the noticing of presence of awareness.
And noticing that this is always already in place.
Always has been.

The simplicity of This is something from which
the mind and self turn away.
Can’t be this.
Can’t be this simple.

And they go on
hand in hand
looking for things to do,
how to come closer
to what is.

Maybe just notice this tendency of the mind?
Notice this happening in what we are?

Awareness sees it All.




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