#5248 – Gary Falk, Yufo Love, Dhanya, Mary Jean. 27August2014

garyfalk  maryjean dhanyayufolove

photos from top left to bottom right: Gary Falk, Mary Jean, Dhanya Durga Moffitt, Yufo Love

Gary Falk is a nonduality raconteur who posts on Facebook and pursues various nondual teachings. Yufo Love is a proponent of new tantra. Dhanya Durga Moffitt is a student and teacher of Vedanta. Mary Jean is a Nonduality Talk listener living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, who contributes as an occasional co-host.

Our scheduled guest was James Parker who we couldn’t reach due to technical issues.

Tracks with time cues:

0:00 – 11:07 Clip from The Matrix. Music by Prosad. Introduction of Gary Falk. Gary’s 100 year old mother Mary. Roger Steele. Trying to get James Parker on the Line. Kibitzing. Music: Daydream Believer, trance version.

11:07 – 17:47 Conversation with Gary Falk continues. What is nonduality? Looking for realization. Gary’s mother, what she’s reading. Mahasamadhi.

17:47 – 22:56 What Gary’s reading these days. The urge for what to do next. Calling off the search for realization. Ordering nonduality books. Taking the Fred Davis challenge.

22:56 – 30:04 Stopping for a sandwich on the way to getting enlightened. Fred Davis further discussed. Talking about Dhanya Durga Moffitt.

30:04 – 42:47 Dhanya Durga Moffitt joins us on the line, talks about her involvement with nonduality over the years, some of her milestones. Experiences in “getting” nonduality. The problem of looking for a big experience. The value of the desire for liberation. The mind has to be prepared for liberation. Dhanya’s mother. Something beautiful Papaji told Dhanya.

42:47 – 46:03 Talking about Dhanya.

46:03 – 50:22 Some hopefully humorous prattle. “There’s no outer world.” The desire for liberation as grace. Transition to Yufo Love joining the show.

50:22 – 1:02:29 Yufo Love joins the show. Talking about shamanism. Ufo’s. The word “po” and Osho. Listening back to the show I feel I was giving Yufo a bit of a hard time and not letting him be himself. As a result, things got a little out of hand and I ended up blaming Yufo for behaving badly, and I cut him off the show. I apologize for that because as host of the show I should have blamed myself for the situation, as I could have made Yufo more comfortable instead of treat him as a fall guy. So, Yufo, I’m sorry. Hope you’ll come back on the show. [I’m pleased to report that Yufo has graciously accepted my apology. He’s a good guy.]

1:02:29 – 1:12:31 The humor and limitation of George Carlin discussed. Ufology.

1:12:31 – 1:24:23 Mary Jean joins the show. Ufo’s discussed. Jerry’s experience watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Gary talks about the movie The Thing. Scary movies discussed, especially from the old days. Mary Jean talks about her experience with scary movies.

1:24:23 – 1:30:33 We talk to Gary’s 100 year old mother. Nonduality version of the tv show Family Feud. Favorite books.

1:30:33 – 1:39:17 Negative comments regarding an interview I did with Gary Falk in 2012 about Candice O’Denver: www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-xCRHExB…WG7i6KhNb8CqQuCrA. Gary talks about not feeling gratitude for his experiences with Candice.

1:39:17 – 1:42:34 Mary Jean talks about feeling grateful for negative experiences in her life. The chemistry between Mary Jean and Gary Falk.

1:42:34 – 1:55:10 A recording of Russell Brand, and comparing him to George Carlin. Comedians. Gary’s life these days. Going to lunch. Chinese food. Spring rolls. Mary Jean and Gary non-duel.

1:55:10 – 2:00:58 Caller Sean invites us to flip our map upside down both literally and, we assume figuratively, as a way to create a new neural pathway. Laws of beauty and harmony. Sean’s call discussed.

2:00:58 – 2:08:44 Mary Jean talks about her work in local theatre in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and her stage manager kit. Coloring books.

Stephen Shellenberger
mixed media on recycled material
49″ x 33″
The Senvest Collection


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