#5252 – Interview with Donnalou Stevens

Edited by Jerry Katz

DONNALOU STEVENS is a songwriter/performer living in San Francisco, currently best known for her song and video Older Ladies:

Her new song, If I Were Enlightened, is premiered on this show.

My co-host is MIKE HIMELSTEIN, a songwriter living in Los Angeles who writes for tv, movies, and recording artists, and has his own group, the Rumble Bees.

We talk about Donnalou’s journey to self-discovery and the art of songwriting and play songs from each artist.

Donnalou’s songs may be purchased at www.cdbaby.com/cd/donnaloustevens
Her other websites are

Mike’s website is www.rumblebees.com

Tracks and Songs (Songs are in bold)

0:00 – 10:36 Introduction to Donnalou Stevens and Mike Himelstein. Donnalou talks about her journey to where she’s coming from now. Her psychological and creative journey. Living with pain. Considering suicide. Spiritual search. The day everything turned around for her. The significance of curiosity. Donnalou speaks of her album Closer Than Near. (Oops, I called the title Closer Than Here, sorry!)

10:36 – 14:39 – The song Closer Than Near, by Donnalou Stevens is played, from the album Closer Than Near.

14:39 – 23:11 We talk about Closer Than Near. Donnalou writing and performing her songs and how she gained confidence. Recognizing her deficient self and dealing with it. Talking about taking responsibility for writing songs that point toward what’s true: love underneath the deficiency story.

23:11 – 27:22 Do people have to go through some kind of journey to be successful in songwriting? Mike responds from his experience and journey. Mike talks about Johnny Winter recording his song Hey You.

27:22 – 30:03 The song Hey You, by Johnny Winter, written by Mike Himelstein is played, from the album Let Me In.

30:03 – 31:04 We talk about writing Hey You and getting it recorded.

31:04 – 34:22 Donnalou talks about the story of writing Older Ladies and what she comes from empowerment in her songwriting.

34:22 – 37:12 – The song Older Ladies is played, by Donnalou Stevens, from the album Closer Than Near.

37:12 – 38:46 Mike talks about Older Ladies, and Donnalou responds, talking about the video.

38:46 – 41:48 Donnalou talks about meditation, what it is, how it is, in her view. Writing the song If I Were Enlightened.

41:48 – 45:03 The song If I Were Enlightened, by Donnalou Stevens is played, its world premiere.

45:03 – 54:30 We talk about If I Were Enlightened. Donnalou talks about her creative process in making videos for the songs. Donnalou talks about upcoming songs and using Kickstarter to fund her videos and songs. Donnalou talks about touring and performing in theaters; her live show being interactive and uplifting. Some kibbitzing to end the show. Mike talks about his song God’s Gift To The World, music by Terry Sampson, lyrics by Mike Himelstein.

54:30 – 1:01The song God’s Gift to the World, sung by Carl Anderson, is played. Apologies for ending the song abruptly as we had to go to the next show. Final words.  Jerry Katz is not actually a musician of any sort, contrary to what is said! That was just a little local humor not meant to be serious. The song If I Were Enlightened is played to conclude the show.

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