#5254 – Interview with Vicki Woodyard

Edited by Jerry Katz

Vicki Woodyard has written three books communicating nonduality through the themes of grieving, loss, humor, grace, truth, and goodness. Her new book is Bigger Than Sky: A Radical Awakening.

Vicki’s works may be accessed via www.vickiwoodyard.com


0:00 – 11:34 Introductory chat. Meeting Peter, the subject of Vicki’s new book, Bigger Than The Sky: A Radical Awakening., which consists of emails between Vicki and Peter. Peter’s nature, personality, and vitality. Nonduality as transcendence of the words about nonduality. How Vicki writes. The nature of listening. “An energetic absorption into the moment. … There has to be some real honesty.” Vicki finding her voice.

11:34 – 22:22 Some description of Bigger Than The Sky. Vicki reads a letter from Peter that’s not in the book. “I sit with my little cat and she purrs deep into my chest. This is life. The rest, just a silly dream.” We comment upon Peter’s letter and what and how he shared.

22:22 – 27:04 Vicki reads her own writing from the Bigger Than The Sky. Commentary on the impact of Vicki’s writing.

27:04 – 33:52 Vicki and I talk about our experiences in comedy performance and writing. Vicki talks about writing jokes for Joan Rivers. We talk about the nature of comedy and comedians.

33:52 – 35:33 Vicki talks about finding her passion in the forms of writing and spiritual practice. Coming to the stillpoint. Inviting energy to flow.

35:33 – 46:05 Vernon Howard discussed. How he functioned in a radical but skillful way. Spiritual siddhis discussed. Vicki’s experience being healed by Vernon Howard. Teaching of truth compared to the teaching of goodness or love.

46:05 – 55:26 Vicki talks about an energy that persists no matter what happens. The term enlightenment. Character and the essence quality are missing from much of today’s teaching. We talk about Peter and the effect the stroke had on him. Conclusion. Music: I Am Free, by Prosad.

Vicki’s works may be accessed via www.vickiwoodyard.com


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