#5256 – Interview with James Parker

Interview James Parker conducted by Jerry Katz on Nonduality Talk Radio:


James Parker is an award winning magician, philosophical illusionist, political analyst, and global nondualizer.

James believes magic is a serious art because it questions the very foundations of human perception. James holds a Masters Degree in International Law. He has been working with NGO’s and the Government on energy and climate change. James is author of the book “The Earth, Stupid!” and the upcoming book “Truth: The Next Step.”

For James, the essence of magic is found in this quotation from the master of magic arts Eugene Burger: “The magical experience moves us to contemplate the reality of a non-rational realm of consciousness and experience.”

James websites are www.jamesparkermagic.co.uk andwww.jamesparker.org.uk

Main themes include magic, nonduality, and resonances with non-separation as pointers toward where global views are moving.

Tracks described

0:00 – 6:40 Introduction. The three areas of discussion: magic, nonduality, and global issues. “The only solution is to see from non-separation.” J. Krishnamurti and responsibility from a nondual viewpoint. Relative existence and the viewpoint of the absolute coming together.

6:40 – 10:58 James’s career in magic starting from age 10. Youthful fascination with mystery and the magic of life. Passion for becoming a famous magician. How his career as a magician took him onto the path of nonduality.

10:58 – 18:53 James realizes that magic could be an expression for non-separation, nonduality, oneness. The nondual perspective in the magic community and within magic theory is exceedingly rare. Magicians are mostly too absorbed in the psychology of theory and don’t seem to approach nonduality. However nonduality is a new emergence on the planet, as Tolle mentions. There is a massive space for the reception of nonduality in the world of magic. To introduce nonduality to magic it’s important to realize that magic isn’t about tricks, it’s about the larger context in which tricks occur.

18:53 – 21:34 Uri Geller discussed as pre-rational: making people believe magic is real. Rational: psychologically based, everything’s separate, either/or, logical, for example James Randi. Post-rational: nonduality, truthfully expressing reality, pointing to the mystery of life itself. We are currently living in a rational world where we see things as separate, black/white, right/wrong, inside/outside, them/us, good/evil, god/devil.

21:34 – 27:24 Magic can bring nonduality into the mainstream by giving a glimpse of the post-rational, by allowing one to move out of the rational mindset. In order to survive as a species the understanding of nonduality needs to filter into the mainstream. The current political system cannot solve today’s problems because it’s founded in separation. However we cannot keep saying everything is fine and nothing need be done, for that continues the mode of separation. Magic can show ordinary people a way of seeing beyond separateness. Nondual awareness can have an influence on the government and the U.N. levels.

27:24 – 37:56 James talks about his extreme internal response to a ten day meditation retreat. Seeing that “everything is just the case.” Experiencing a oneness with the world beyond empathy since there was no James there. “Everything is you.” Responsibility arises out of that and recognition of that responsibility is the next stage for nonduality culture. This is not a personal responsibility but an obvious function that plays out.

37:56 – 44:23 Insight as relative truth, for example, the quality of impermanence. The recognition of nonduality is also an insight and leads to a new way of learning. Seeing through the personal self is the beginning of learning. Magic can show these relative truths. J. Krishnamurti’s problem was that he believed the public was already coming from a nondual understanding. He didn’t address seeking. Tony Parsons, like J. Krishnamurti, says there’s only awareness. James Parker says there is a need to look more deeply at relative existence.

44:23 – 53:25 The need for more nonduality books based in specific fields of work: e.g., psychology, magic, politics, ecology. James talks about his recent experience at the One World One People conference. Many different groups were represented. It was fragmented but there was also a sense of nonduality in action. People resonated with non-separation whether or not they had heard of nonduality. Some were noted to be living from nonseparation without knowing the teachings of nonduality, they’re just doing. There was a sense of resonance and unity not so much a feel for a utopian future, but a resonance of unity in this world. The conference inspired a collective resonance and felt like the future of nonduality. The next step for nonduality is to effect society in a way such that if functions naturally. Nonduality has to be careful to not hang out in the absolute. Though the nondual view transcends dualities such as right and wrong, it does not mean there is no such thing as right and wrong.

53:25 – 57:05 How can people pursue their natural inclination toward non-separation or nonduality or a world that sees beyond right and wrong, good and bad, without denying their reality? Meditation discussed. Conclusion. Song I Am Free by Prosad is played in part.

James Parker’s websites are www.jamesparkermagic.co.uk and www.jamesparker.org.uk

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