#5258 – Interview with Tomaj Javidtash

Edited by Jerry Katz

Tomaj Javidtash¬†is the author of Non-Dual Perspectives on Quantum Physics: A Layman’s Guide, which you may learn more about at his website www.tomajjavidtash.com

Tomaj is an Iranian-American author and physicist currently pursuing his graduate studies in theoretical physics at the University of Maryland. His area of research is foundational issues of Quantum Physics. His undergraduate major was physics along which he also obtained a minor in mathematics.

His writings are motivated by his discovery of shared truths underlying three different disciplines of Quantum Physics, Advaita Vedanta Metaphysics, and Husserl’s Transcendental Phenomenology.

Transcendental Phenomenology is a modern embodiment of Advaita Vedanta metaphysics; and Quantum Physics is an experimental contribution to their truths advocating the primacy of consciousness in the nature of reality which is essentially non-dual.

Favorite Books:
Vasistha Yoga
Physics and Philosophy by Werner Heisenberg
Cartesian Meditations by Edmund Husserl


0:00 – 5:13 Opening theme music, Byron Bay, by Prosad. Introduction to Tomaj Javidtash. Milestones in his life from childhood: the night sky, the fly in the bus.

5:13 – 10:16 Curiosity about physics and philosophy while in high school. Interest in quantum physics and the philosophy of quantum physics while in college. Interest in consciousness. Cognitive science. Experiments with psychedelics and influence on his studies. Getting into transcendental phenomenology and how it differs from cognitive studies.

10:16 – 17:56 More on Edmond Husserl’s transcendental phenomenology and the method of reduction, which is like a self-inquiry. Tomaj tells about his experience of reduction after having practiced for six years. How the experience of the world was altered. “The sense of I … was coming from a single pure point of consciousness. … The whole of the experience was something happening in the now.” The singularity as a conscious dimension. This experience compared to psychedelic and other spiritual experiences. “I have seen that the world I’ve been used to is not real.”

17:56 – 28:28 Getting accustomed to his new perspective. Discovering his experience in the Upanishads. Bringing his new perspective to quantum mechanics. Seeing that Vedanta is an ancient form of transcendental phenomenology. Turiya as the experience of reduction. More on practicing phenomenology. Vedanta and quantum mechanics discussed.

28:28 – 39:45 More on the fingerprint of the reduction experience. More on practicing the reduction experience: meditative comtemplation. The ‘I am’ is the main focus. Shift of attention to the experience of seeing rather than the object. How we are caught up in concepts. Concepts are removed one by one until the reduction happens suddenly.

39:45 – 44:32 Talking about Tomaj’s experience as a 5 year old and linking it to his transcendental experience. How the nature of curiosity has changed. More qualities of the reduction of experience. It was a deja vu experience.

44:32 – 47:38 “That becomes this.” The nature of That. Once you see it you know it without doubt. The deja vu feeling further explored. Our true essence.

47:38 – 50:27 Consciousness and quantum mechanics. Observation gives form to the underlying formless reality. Nature of reality from viewpoint of quantum mechanics and vedanta.

50:27 – The dreamlike nature of reality. Waking up to the dream. There is no knower or known, only knowing. Conclusion. Music by Prosad: I Am Free.



Non-Dual Perspectives on Quantum Physics: A Layman’s Guide, by Tomaj Javidtash

3 thoughts on “#5258 – Interview with Tomaj Javidtash

  1. Lyle Olson

    Tomaj might be interested in Experience and Philosophy: A Personal Record of Transformation and a Discussion of Transcendental Consciousness by
    Franklin Merrell-Wolff


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