#5259 – Anamika Borst & Dr. Jeffery A. Martin at SAND – October 29, 2014

Edited by Jerry Katz

jeffery_opt anamika2
Dr. Jeffery A. Martin & Anamika Borst

Anamika Borst is a potter living in Auroville, India. She leads nonduality meetups there along with Didier Weiss: www.meetup.com/Auroville-Nondual-Meetup-Group/

Anamika’s new book is Life At Zero Distance: The freedom of being nothing and none. I recommend this book for the shattering simplicity of the words. The book may be ordered through Anamika’s website is www.anamikaborst.com

Jeffery Martin is a social scientist who researches personal transformation. Jeffery is currently the director of the Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness (www.nonsymbolic.org), which is another term for nonduality, enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, or whatever term fits your culture and tradition. Portions of his research on Non-Symbolic consciousness are also available in the popular novel, The Fourth Awakening (www.fourthawakening.com).


0:00 – 5:00 Introduction. Impressions of the Science and Nonduality Conference (SAND). Transformative technologies at SAND.

5:00 – 7:37 How current SAND compares to past ones.

7:37 – 11:20 Jeffery talks about his work at Sofia University. Nonduality as a highly functional state. Anamika’s feel of SAND. Ellen Emmett’s yoga.

11:20 – 13:38 Maturing of the conference community. Scott Kiloby.

13:38 – 15:17 Anamika’s interview with Rick Archer. What’s most fun at SAND this year?

15:17 – 19:00 SAND opening. Anamika’s trip to Las Vegas prior to the conference. Finding the nondual side of Vegas.

19:00 – 22:50 Jeffery talks about a course he taught on persuasion. Gambling casinos as labs for the study of persuasion psychology. Psychological benefits of controlled and disciplined gambling.

22:50 -27:10 Randomness, sense of oneness.

27:10 – 34:07 Synchronicity. Anamika tells story about how a staff member at the conference hotel became fascinated by the atmosphere around the attendees. Jeffery talks about the transmission effect, its nature, and basis of signalling and resonance. Role of the voice.

34:07 – 35:55 Advertising agences as labs for learning how people respond to signalling.

35:55 – 41:40 Jeffery talks about research on what is most effective for activating resonance and what modality is right for someone: has to be a good match. Anamika’s view given and she tells how realization happened for her. How her experience parallels Jeffery’s findings.

41:40 – 50:50 Benefits of diversity at SAND. Jeffery’s research further discussed, especially regarding waking up. His early research efforts and how they are unfolding today. Persistence of the nondual state for someone.

50:50 – 1:03:13 Locations 3-4 described and discussed by Jeffery and how research subjects are transitioning, growing, and experiencing. Locations 1 and 2 described in which for most people self-referential thought reduce dramatically. Bernadette Roberts discussed as an example of Location 4.


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