#5261 – Fred Davis with Gary Falk

After this interview Fred made an admission about criminal activity in his past, which led to a lengthy conversation on Facebook, summarized here: https://nonduality.org/2014/11/22/5263-ethics-transparency-forgiveness-and-other-themes-arising-from-recent-events/

Fred Davis‘ website is www.AwakeningClarityNow.com. Fred is the author of several acclaimed books on nondual consciousness and he’s the founder of The Living Method of Awakening. He is happily married, deeply loves animals and lives quietly as a chiefly ignored, urban hermit in Columbia, South Carolina, USA.

If you enroll for an Awakening Session with Fred, enter code 559 to receive a discount, valid through 2014.

Also appearing on the show was Gary Falk in New York, who has pursued many approaches and teachers that would facilitate awakening. Gary’s engaged the living method of awakening and talks about his sessions with Fred.

0:00 – 12:21 The Matrix. Introduction. What is awakening? We don’t choose to be seekers. Milestones in Fred’s spiritual life. “I just knew that I had seen the truth.”

12:21 – 27:56 The nature of Fred’s Living Method of Awakening and its high rate of success. Telling ourselves the truth. Gary Falk talks about the awakening sessions he had with Fred. “Other teachers set me up and Fred knocked me down.”

27:56 – 39:25 More on the nature of Fred’s methodology and where nondual engagement doesn’t seem to be waking people up. The sense of being is the key to everything. Once the mind is satisfied as to what it is not, then it can be pointed out what you are. Awakeness wakes up to itself.

39:25 – 53:30 Post-awakening. Moving toward abidance and embodiment. The Finder’s Course discussed and Jeffery Martin. www.finderscourse.com. Jeffery’s work and how Fred got involved in it. The nature of the Finder’s Course. Conclusion. Music by Prosad.

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