#5262 – Dustin LindenSmith & James Traverse on CKDU Fundraiser – November 19, 2014


0:00 – 7:29 Introductions of guests. Fundraising humor and information. Not really nondual but could be interesting to you.

7:29 – 15:41 What is nonduality? A clip from Scott Kiloby from a past interview. Discussion of Scott’s talk. Nonduality and addiction recovery discussed by Dustin LindenSmith.

15:41 – 27:20 Discussion of Fred Davis.

27:20 – 29:06 Some joking round, more fundraiser chat.

29:06 – 35:04 James Traverse introduced. James talks about the expectation of clarity from nonduality teachers, and its lack. “That which is native to being at some point knows itself.”

35:04 – 37:54 Fundraiser chat. The varieties of nondual expression discussed in general.

37:54 – 47:45 A clip from an interview with Jen Peer Rich in which she tells about her journey from infancy.

47:45 – 52:19 Fundraiser announcements and chat. Donors announced. More fundraising stuff. Humor. Closing words.

52:19 – 54:55 Clip from an interview with Anamika. Concluding words.

You may make a pledge throughout the year: https://ckdu.webfactional.com/make-a-pledge

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