#5264 – Greg Goode, Part 1 – November 23, 2014

Greg Goode, Part 1 – November 23, 2014 

[Notes: The interview with Jeannie McGillivray could not be uploaded due to a technical problem at the radio station.
This interview with Greg Goode will be broadcast on the radio December 10, but I figured, why wait? Part 2 will be published in the next few days. -Jerry Katz]

Greg Goode is a counselor, an author, a pioneer in nonduality meetups and in online activity. He’s a long time student of Vedanta, Direct Path of Shri Atmananda, and Buddhism. Greg has a doctorate in philosophy, is a member of the American Philosophical Practioners Association, and is a consultant with the peer reviewed journal Philosophical Practice.

Greg is well known in the world of nonduality. His books include Standing as Awareness: The Direct Path, The Direct Path, A User Guide, Nondualism in Western Philosophy, and Emptiness and Joyful Freedom (with Tomas Sander). His books and much other information could be accessed via www.heartofnow.com and http://non-dualitypress.org/search?q=goode

Greg’s married and lives in New York where he holds down an intense full time job with a major law firm.


0:00 – 9:03 Introduction. Early days of online nonduality. Nature of philosophical counseling. Western philosophical sources compared to Eastern paths toward enlightenment. Philosophical counseling compared to psychotherapy.

9:03 – 12:20 Greg talks about being married. Freedom. Romantic love.

12:20 – 16:32 Can philosophy be taught? Value of good teachers. But whose philosophy would we teach?

16:32 – 18:29 Transmitting compared to communicating teachings.

18:29 – 23:02 Diversity and involvement in planning the Science and Nonduality Conference.

23:02 – 24:31 Greg’s writing discipline.

24:31 – 28:53 Greg talks about Advaita Vedanta. Greg’s experiences studying Advaita. The demand of being a traditional Advaita teacher.

28:53 – 32:48 The Direct Path. Compared to Advaita. In Direct Path, “Deep sleep is your nature. … Pure consiousness with no appearances at all.” In Advaita Vedanta deep sleep is a covering over your true nature. Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Direct Path doesn’t use Hindu scriptures.

32:48 – 36:46 Nature of traditional Advaita teachings described. Evolution of the enlightened student toward becoming a teacher, and Zazen as the means and the goal at the same time.

36:46 – 40:49 Wisdom as a gradual happening of insights, which happens before enlightenment. You don’t need enlightenment to gain wisdom. Nature of the Advaita student’s self-perception before attainment of a certain wisdom or enlightenment. Story about Gangaji.

40:49 – 43:57 Direct Path doesn’t require going through the Vedanta scriptures, though it requires a teacher. Greg’s book The Direct Path is like a home study course.

43:57 – 52:27 Greg leads listener is one of the Direct Path exercises on finding the core of one’s identity.

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