#5265 – Sandy Jones – December 3, 2014

Sandy Jones lives in Ojai, California, where, besides being the literary executor of William Samuel (1924-1996), is a painter and writer. We’re going to talk about who William Samuel was, why it’s important to know him today, and what his work is all about. But who you’re really going to meet is Sandy Jones herself. I mentioned that she has kept to the background in her promotion of Samuel’s work. Well, in the last few months she has gone public. As you’ll hear from the outset, Sandy is vivacious, outgoing, and fully expressive of her own understanding of Bill’s work and in her own way is William Samuel, a discover we may each make about our own self and reality.

0:00 – 6:52 Introduction. The calling to introduce the work of William Samuel to the world. It is based in an energy of joy, curiosity, adventure, and freedom. “Give your heart and give your love.” The calling to share the heart. Opening theme music: Byron Bay, by Prosad, from the Trance Sitar album.

6:52 – 12:24 William Samuel as prophetic with regard to Sandy’s life and work. Finding the Child Within. The bridge between the Absolute and the world. Being totally passionate about life and speaking from one’s own deep experience.

12:24 – 16:21 Sandy’s emergence as a painter. The joy of being oneself. “There is golden point within each of us.” Living on the very skirt of reality as oneself and with a joyful, unleashed kindness without end.

16:21 – 23:25 William Samuel spending time with Ramana Maharshi in 1942. Transmission through silence. Why Samuel didn’t tell anyone about his relationship with Ramana. “The light is its own light within you and you’ll find it.” He didn’t want his work related to any teacher or teaching. That was his freedom. The story of discovering that Samuel sat with Ramana Maharshi. Why Sandy thinks he picked her as his literary executor. What he saw in Sandy. Story of atheists who would meet with Bill at his bakery back in the Fifties. Bill spoke of a god the atheists could understand and accept, and this is when his writing career started.

23:25 – 31:23 Sandy’s discovery that William Samuel met with Ramana Maharshi. The connection with Wanderling. Bill’s meeting with Ramana as part of the work of bringing Bill’s work to the world.

31:23 – 36:09 Two recordings of William Samuel speaking. Commentary: Hearing him is like hearing oneself.

36:09 – 40:22 Did William Samuel charge for his teachings? Freshness of his teachings for today’s world. Samuel as a model and standard for today’s teachers. Giving from your heart.

40:22 – 43:53 Speaking about a 5 hour DVD based on one of Samuel’s seminars that happened 12 days after suffering a stroke and how the DVD exposes how William Samuel lived what he spoke of. Sandy talks about transcribing the DVD because of the simplicity of the talk.

43:53 – 49:08 How Sandy discovered and met William Samuel and how he was drawn toward her independent nature. Nature of silence: one is silence and everything comes from silence. True meaning of the holy trinity discovered.

49:08 – 57:36 Sandy read her writing: “Nothing’s left out of this wonderland of being.” Sandy still feels encouragement from Bill: “Be brave.” This work is about true freedom. Letter from William Samuel to Sandy speaking about the Child. Comparing William Samuel’s work to today’s culture of nonduality. Closing words. Theme music: I Am Free, by Prosad, from the Trance Sitar album.


3 thoughts on “#5265 – Sandy Jones – December 3, 2014

  1. Brendan Mccarthy

    Thanks for the interview. I’ve always liked W Samuel’s take on things and he has always been a refreshing change from the neo-advaita jargon. It was news to me that he was with Ramana, and I have read most of the Wanderling’s material. Must have missed that.

    I’ve always been intrigued by Alfred Pulyan and Terence Gray. Have you ever done anything on them, or the Richard Rose strand?


  2. Harrison Gruman

    I met Bill in the very early 70’s. He had picked up a friend that was hitch hiking around Birmingham and he extended an invitation to listen to him at his residence in Cahaba Heights.
    About a dozen or so people accepted the invitation. His small Wood Song home would not accommodate so many, so we sat under the pines in the yard. I couldn’t tell you the gist of the talk but I will never forget the introduction.

    Bill thanked us young people in our very early 20’s for coming to listen to him.
    Before I begin I want you all to know that there is nothing that I have to say today that you don’t already know within yourselves.

    It was his act and being of unfolding and he was the personification of humbleness. We had no idea the wealth of that happen chance encounter and how it would change so many lives. I spent many “pilgrimages” to Bills house and he and Rachel visited me in several National Park areas while I was employed as a National Park Service Ranger.

    I watched on occasions when he would open his mail and find a cash gift from someone and he would send it to someone that “needed” it, almost immediately. There was never a mention of a dime for his contribution or time. He once said, I don’t just believe in miracles, I expect them.
    He also told me more than once, if you ever find someone that tells you they are the ultimate teacher other than yourself, you better find another teacher.

    Little time goes by without remembering him and Rachel and he lives within all that met or read his works. There are, I am sure, many stories from others out there in the Birmingham area.

    On a side note. I attended a lecture while at North Carolina State University. The talk was conducted by August Turak. As I recall it was titled A Business Mans Experience with an American Zen Master. The American Zen Master was Richard Rose. Bart Marshall another person who was involved with Rose went on to form a group there in Raleigh. I have no doubts that Rose and Bill Samuel are both true teachers.


    Harrison Gruman


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