#5267 – Jeannie McGillivray

Here is my interview with Jeannie McGillivray. This is my new 20 minute format, which I’m going to reduce to 17 minutes in my next interview. I figure if TED talks and Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee can do what they do in 17 minutes, I should probably attempt to stay within that time frame too.

Jeannie McGillivray lives in Shropshire, England, with her husband Paul. They run an infotech business, Remote New Media www.remotenewmedia.com, and the satsang-info site Meeting Truth meetingtruth.com/teacher/Jeannie. An excellent article by Jeannie appeared in the Winter 2014 issue of One The Magazine: www.onethemagazine.com/.

In this interview — by the way, I know the sound quality could be better — Jeannie speaks about the teacher-student dynamic, her meetings and experiences with Rupert Spira, Meriel Gold, Francis Lucille, and Adyashanti, her life growing up, how life is the teacher, aliveness of awareness, the shock of seeing the truth about the Shakespearean tragedy of her life, an invitation to die as Jeannie, amongst other themes.

Opening and closing music by Prosad www.prosadmusic.com. Also featured are John Coltrane and Arupa Gold arupagold.com/.

3 thoughts on “#5267 – Jeannie McGillivray

  1. boundlesspresence

    Love the new pithy format. Appreciate the extra work it entails, and respect for the listeners time. Hope that’s to be 17 min. plus the bumper music. Jeannie certainly had 20 minutes of experience worth hearing…could imagine 30 minutes of talk in this format being killer. A thought: don’t synopsize using the identical words we hear from the guest a moment later, e.g. Instead of saying “aliveness of awareness” you could say, ” she speaks of awareness not being inert, cold or dead”. Guests like JM merit more time than Seinfeld getting coffee.


  2. Nonduality Highlights Post author

    I’m still experimenting with interview formats and styles and also with the audio technology so that I could deliver a quality production. Probably a good idea is to publish both longer and shorter versions of an interview.


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