#5268 – The New Years Show – December 31, 2014

This is Nonduality Talk, the New Years edition. We’re bringing in 2015. Here is a selection of clips from a few interviews conducted in 2014. I feel this is a diverse selection of people, topics, and moods or tones. There were too many amazing moments to include in a single show. Here’s a list of people and topics in order of their appearance:

Scott Kiloby talks about nonduality and his treatment center.

Donnalou Stevens had a smash YouTube hit getting over 6 million views on her video Older Ladies. In this segment broadcast live on September 10, 2014, she talks with Mike Himelstein, a Los Angeles songwriter who is an award winning, three time Emmy nominee who specializes in humor and children’s songs. You’ll hear a couple of their songs in this segment.

Next is another great couple, Dhanya Durga Moffitt and Gary Falk. We talk about our adventures in understanding nonduality and the problem of seeking an experience of nonduality, and recognition of what is.

On May 7, 2014, Dustin LindenSmith was in the CKDU studio with me. He interviewed Joan Tollifson. In this segment they talked fear, addictive behaviour, and surrender to the moment.

We talked to Jen Peer Rich on February 5, 2014. Jen talks about her amazing childhood and journey which began with a shock even before birth, certainly the most emotional interview I’ve been part of.

Justin Forrest Miles was my guest on September 23. Justin talks about some history of hip hop and its positive role within the dynamics of Black-ness, and his understanding of hip hop as spiritual.

Monica Cassani, whose great website is www.beyondmeds.com, talked to us in September about a powerful topic, iatrogenic illness.

Mary-Jean Doyle joined me in the CKDU studio on July 23, 2014, and talked about nonduality as she sees it.

Finally, Jeffery Martin and Anamika Borst, speaking from the Science and Nonduality Conference in San Jose, California, in October of 2014. They compare the first Science and Nonduality Conference about five years ago to the 2014 Conference.

How will the culture and world of nonduality evolve into 2015? I don’t know but whoever is part of that culture creates it. In 2014 we talked to many more than we heard from today, including James Traverse, Sandy Jones, Jeannie McGillivray, Galen Sharp, Colette Kelso, Susan Zurawski, Laura Burke, David Newman, Joey Lott, Vicki Woodyard, James Parker, Francis Bennett, Tomaj Javidtash, Fred Davis, Greg Goode, Rita M. Gross, Steve Ford, Philip Shepherd, Mark Scorelle and Jeff Cox, Canela Michelle Meyers, Lynn Fraser, Chani, Scott and Kim MacInnis, Andrew Macnab, Maja Apolonia Rode, Tathina, Mary O’Malley, Gary Tzu, Kriben Pillay, Darryl Snaychuck, Mandee Labelle, Chuck Hillig, Jody Radzik, Paul Smit, Jackson Peterson, Ramaji, Jay Rossi, Asheem Agarwal, Robert Rabbin, Cheryl Abram, Vimalasara Mason-John, Pete Sierra, Charlie Hayes, Gale McCray, Chadwick Johnson, Gino Yu, Morgan Caraway. Our opening and closing music on this show and throughout the year is by Canadian artist Prosad from the Trance Sitar album.

For early 2015 we’ll be talking to mostly new people. Yet the question always remains, What is nonduality itself? Who knows? What knows? I wish you all a peaceful new year.

-Jerry Katz

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