#5270 – Darryl Snaychuk

Edmonton, Alberta resident Darryl Snaychuk spoke to us from a cafe in Tiruvanamali, home of Arunachala and Ramana Ashram. Darryl spoke about some of the themes central to the teaching of Vedanta particularly as imparted to him by his teacher James Swartz. You can find Darryl on Facebook: www.facebook.com/darryl.snaychuk?fref=ts

Darryl Snaychuk talks about several themes, such as seeking happiness through experiences, investigating your own experience and notions of reality through Vedanta, freedom and limitation. Also the nature of being free, some news about James Swartz, a couple of Vedanta stories, activism, and engaging responsibilities with love.

Darryl writes after listening to the interview, “I would like to clarify that the main crux of the panchadasi, is an advanced and deep inquiry, into the details of the nature and manifestation of the creation. This investigation is also utilized as a means of clarifying the difference between Satjya (what is real) from Mithya (what is only apparently real).”

Darryl was a professional photographer, then a businessman who eventually sold his business stake and made enough at age 40 to retire for about 12 years, which included six years in a pursuit of spiritual understanding. Then the money ran out and he lived in a van. Finally he got a job and took on more responsibilities demanded by his life.

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