#5272 – Scott Kiloby & Gary Falk

Photo: Gary Falk

Scott Kiloby¬†and Gary Falk are interviewed. Scott says that transparency means one’s private life is congruent with one’s public life, your pajama self is close to your blue suit self. Scott noted there’s a huge lack of transparency among nonduality teachers and this builds a wall of separation. He also notes that it’s difficult to be transparent. Some teachers deal with self doubt and various addictions and they’re hiding that from their followers and might have concerns about money and being loved. Scott noted that the more transparent he is the more people trust him. Also his code of ethics as an addiction counselor requires self-disclosure while there is no code of ethics for a nonduality teacher. Students want to see teachers by more open about their struggles, doubts, and human foibles. The point of this discussion is to open up the conversation on ethics and transparency. Scott’s website is www.kiloby.com

The conversation is continued live on the air with Gary Falk who is a long time student of many nonduality teachers, some of whom are known for alleged ethics violations. He talks about his experiences as a student of Sri Chimnoy, Candice O’Denver, and Fred Davis.

Georgi Y. Johnson says, ” A lot of wisdom, thank you! The key note for me, was Gary’s highlighting individual responsibility, together with his showing the value that can be had in reception of the message, irrespective of the messenger. There is real freedom in that.
The search for the perfect squeaky clean guru to surrender to is an activity of the last century. Any freedom gained by the permanent attachment to the idea of another person is just a glimpse of what’s possible, No-one and no belief system is bigger than the one that does the believing.”

Mary-Jean joins us from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Opening and closing music by Prosad from the album Trance Sitar.

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