#5275 – Pete Sierra

This conversation took place on Thursday, February 12, 2015, via Skype video, though only the audio was recorded. Pete lives in San Diego, California, where he is retired and lives with his wife. Pete’s is a poet and a writer who participates on various forums.


0:00 – 10:57 Introduction. A saint who entered Pete’s life as an algebra tutor and his effect on Pete. “There is grace and it’s not by merit. He changed me.” Nature of saints, belief, words, shifts in perception.

10:57 – 14:51 Pete’s poem on being mentored. Pete’s relationship with words. Words as the enemy. Pete reads poems and we talk about them a little.

14:51 – 22:46 Birth as a calamity. Petes algebra tutor and saint again mentioned. “We are the vehicle by which the unknown knows itself.” But the unknown is seen as “other.” Climate change may shift consciousness of people as its implications reveal the nature of oneness and interconnectedness.

22:46 – 31:47 “Haiku is the fashion model of poetry.” “Dissecting a haiku is like dissecting a flower.” Japanese terminology describing qualities of haiku.

31:47 – 37:03 Abandoning verbal reality as a mission of liberation. Verbal reality compared to perceptual reality. Musings on birth/rebirth.

37:03 – 41:04 Pete reads haikus and we talk about them.

41:04 – 49:23 Pete reads a poem he wrote about a dog barking and keeping him awake. Surrendering to the qualities of haiku. “It’s all a matter of seeing significance in the insignificant. In a hologram any point includes the whole.” The overwhelming of the separate self. Buddhist anecdote of a nun carrying a bucket of water in which was seen a reflection of the moon, and its haiku qualities. We talk about our bucket lists.

49:23 – 55:00 Concluding remarks. “There is nothing like the company of good people.” Closing music, I Am Free, by Prosad from the album Trance Sitar.

Thanks to Pete Sierra. Our opening and closing music is by the Canadian artist Prosad from the album Trance Sitar: www.prosadmusic.com

Links for Pete Sierra:

Hunting the Void: cerosoul.wordpress.com/

Nondual Philosophy email forum on YahooGroups:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pete.sierra.31?fref=ts

YouTube interview: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IITziq6jfY8

My Mentor
I’m being mentored by a decaying wood fence,
darkened by rain, bleached by sunshine. it leans
without falling while feeding termites.
It guides me unerringly on my journey to dust.

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