#5276 – Roy Dopson

I talked to Roy on February 22, 2015, for broadcast on February 25.

Roy Dopson fights wildfires in Saskatchewan, Canada in the summer; he winters in Nova Scotia. There have been many guides along Roy’s path, however, his satguru is Ramana Maharshi. It was Bhagavan that transmitted the final step.

Roy’s books are Conversations With Myself, and The One Step Path.

Roy teaches the One-Step Path in Canada and the U.S. and is available for satsangs and individual Skype sessions. Go to www.onesteppath.com/ and fill out the contact form.


0:00 – 3:50 Introduction. Roy talks about his journey, the discovery of Ramana Maharshi, and the point where seeking stopped.

3:50 – 5:17 Discovery of the thought-free state.

5:17 – 9:00 A transmission received regarding the true nature of Ramana Maharshi and how Roy’s life changed following that. The nature of such transmission. Thought-free state as the number one goal.

9:00 -12:10 Roy talks about his book, The One Step Path, and the importance of being succinct and not feeding the spiritual desire of the mind, because, “It’s not about the words, it’s about the experience.”

12:10 – 15:17 Nonduality as the step from theory to practice. Non-conceptuality. Staying away from trying to entertain the mind with nondual concepts.

15:17 – 22:55 Is there room for entertainment of the mind? Giving up experience for the bliss of being. Does experience stop, do self-realized people stop doing things and lose all interests? How life is playing out for Roy. “It’s just so simple. … There’s no ‘I’ anymore.” “I think the universe knows what your desire is and will accommodate.”

22:55 – 25:06 The nature of mental satiation and the desire for more experiences. Karma could be considered by one word: More. Yet all experiences are unsubstantial. The only way to be fully satisfied.

25:06 – 29:22 What is meant by “you.” Ways of knowing the Self. Diving deeply into the throught-free state.

29:22 – 32:34 Coming out of the spell of Maya. “The source of self-awareness does not come from the physical realm or the thought realm.” Using the physical realm as a stepping stone back to Self.

32:34 – 35:10 Roy is asked about the audience for his book One Step Path. He encourages people to practice instead of reading more or watching more videos. Goal of his book.

35:10 – 40:11 Passages from Roy’s book One Step Path read and talked about. “The purpose of the book is for you to never read the book again.” “If you investigate your own life, your own existence, all the answers will come.” “The mind is a labyrinth of illusion.” Non-separation of a thought from the feeling or emotion is evokes. Encouragement to investigate and practice.

40:11 – 46:27 “Life is an amazing mysery.” “Recognizing your own divinity is pretty cool stuff.” More encouragement and specific suggestions regarding practice and finding out what’s real.

46:27 – 51:43 Roy talks about his life, past and present. More encouragement with regard to practice. Concluding remarks.

Roy Dopson: www.onesteppath.com

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