#5277 – Catherine Noyce

Catherine Noyce is co-owner and editor of Non-Duality Press along with her husband and company founder Julian Noyce: www.non-dualitypress.org


00:00 – 01:00 – Introduction.

01:00 – 06:11 Catherine talks about her everyday self and tendencies.

06:11 – 8:35 The story of Non-Duality Press. Upcoming books. Elena. Illona. Sunyata.

8:35 – 12:16 Permissions in publishing. More on Sunyata. The nature of the nonduality scene. How do books enter the current nonduality scene and find buyers? Books finding their own level. The case of J.K. Rowling.

12:16 – 14:27 Publishing business. Gary Weber. Lynn Marie Lumiere on relationships.

14:27 – 16:22 Awakening aftercare.

16:22 – 17:29 Catherine talks about not having her own voice.

17:29 – 24:19 The work of editing books. Relationships with teachers. Publishing is about the reader.

24:19 – 26:59 What is the nonduality scene? What attitudes make it up?

26:59 – 29:38 Books on recovery from compulsive disorders. Scott Kiloby. Paul Hedderman. Gary Tzu. Wayne Liquorman. The Abyss.

29:38 – 31:11 The importance of being a very good writer. The group of holographic readers. Talking about dreams.

31:11 – 33:20 As a nurse Catherine witnessed many deaths. She talks about the quality of the atmosphere when a person dies.

33:20 – 38:43 Diunital consciousness discussed.

38:43 – 41:12 Catherine talks further about finding her voice.

41:12 – 45:30 Death revisited. More about the atmosphere immediately following a death.

45:30 – 51:51 Depersonalization disorder.

51:51 – 55:00 Catherine quotes a famous poem. Closing comments and music by Prosad.

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