#5279 – Diunitality, with Dr. Greg Goode. Part One

Photo: Cover of Beyond Black or White: An Alternate America, edited by Vernon J. Dixon and Badi Foster, Boston: Little Brown and Company, 1971


The either/or approach calls for one correct view out of many optional views, The diunital view calls for many views, many thoughts.

“I constructed the neologism ‘diunital’ in the following manner: Webster tells us that ‘di’ means ‘akin to two’ or ‘apart.’ ‘Unital,’ the adjectival form of the word ‘unit,’ means a ‘single thing that constitutes an undivided whole.’ Diunital, therefore, is literally something apart and united at the same time.”
–Vernon J. Dixon, “Two Approaches to Black-White Relations,” in _Beyond Black or White: An Alternate America_. Boston: Little Brown and Company, 1971, p. 26.

See a more complete dissertation on diunital and dichotomous (either/or) thinking following the section on Tracks.


0:00 – 2:52 Opening music, Byron Bay, by Prosad. Introduction to Dr. Greg Goode. Greg reviews the themes of his books and talks about his pluralist nature.

2:52 – 9:34 Diunitality introduced. W.E.B Dubois and double consciousness. Quotes and discussion. Sense of African struggle communicated. Discussion of Dubois’ meaning and intent. Double consciousness compared to diunitality

9:34 – 14:58 Others who had written on double consciousness. Vernon J. Dixon’s coining the term diunital. The (Re)birth of the double consciousness, a TEDx talk by Nichole Johnson which talks about double consciousness and then proposes a leap beyond to diunital consciousness.

14:58 – 22:59 Why are two Whites guys so interested in diunitality which concerns Black/White relations and is rooted in African culture? Greg talks about his history of interest in African culture. Julian Agabond mentioned in his blog that all White people hold some degree of racism: https://abagond.wordpress.com/. Our racist conditioning considered.

22:59 – 28:20 Greg elaborates on his church experience. Looking at religion, and everything else, including oneself as art. Aspects of diunital consciousness dicussed. Diunitality could be a spiritual path.

28:20 – 37:12 Excerpts read and discussed from the book Beyond Black and White, edited by Vernon J. Dixon and Badi Foster. We talk about the core of the book, the vision, and the invention of the word diunital. The nature of the either/or approach. Examples of the either/or approach.

37:12 – 49:33 Either/or and diunital views is part of composed drama. Diunitality in music. Greg plays and discusses “Guajiro Bacan” by Azuquita y su orquesta

49:33 – 53:45 Readings from Vernon Dixon on Black and White cultural differences. “One out of the many” being either/or view. “One and yet many,” expressing the diunital view. Conclusion. Closing music by Prosad, I Am Free: www.prosadmusic.com

Excerpted from diunital cognition
Mon 17 Oct 2011 by abagond

Diunital cognition is both-and thinking. Its opposite is dichotomous or either-or thinking. While most Americans are capable of both kinds, blacks favour diunital thinking while whites (and some of the black middle-class) favour dichotomous thinking.

…take the word “racist”. Whites can get extremely upset when you point out that they said something racist, no matter how gently or indirectly you try to make your point. It is like you called them a bad person. As if doing something racist means you cannot still be a good person. It is either-or. Dichotomous.

Read the full article at https://abagond.wordpress.com/2011/10/17/diunital-cognition/

Listen to Part 2            

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