#5280 – Diunitality, with Dr. Greg Goode, Part Two

This is part 2 of a conversation with Dr. Greg Goode that was conducted on March 15, 2015, on the subject of diunital consciousness.

Listen to Part 1


00:00 – 03:46 Introduction to this interview and topic.

03:46 – 05:29 Ralph Ellison, from Invisible Man, as quoted by Vernon J. Dixon.

05:29 – 09:20 Richard Wright, from White Man, Listen! as quoted by Dixon.

09:20 – 13:08 Carl Jung, from Psychology of the Unconscious, as quoted by Dixon.

13:08 – 16:04 Three qualities of the diunital view as set forth by Vernon Dixon and compared to Hegelian view.

16:04 – 19:07 “I would really like to not subordinate diunitality to nonduality,” says Greg Goode. Nonduality’s view of diunitality considered and discussed. The either/or view in nonduality communities.

19:07 – 25:58 Is the diunital approach restricted to African Americans? Dixon’s visionary statement for diunital consciousness. Respecting and extending Dixon’s vision.

25:58 – 28:16 Value of the Diunital Consciousness group on Facebook. Reviewing what we talked about in this conversation in parts one and two. Other people quoted by Vernon Dixon. The shift from either/or to diunitality as a paradigm shift.

28:16 – 33:21 Greg talks a personal paradigm shift that turned his life around. This leads into a discussion on how we never know how our words or actions take effect in life.

33:21 – 35:08 Nichole Johnson discussed, who we featured in Part One of this interview. Concluding topics and closing words.

Listen to Part 1

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