#5281 – Quarterly Highlights

Selections from interviews conducted during the first three months of 2015.


00:00 – 06:18 Introduction to the show. Pete Sierra. Find Pete on Facebook. Pete lives in San Diego and told us about an algebra tutor he had as a youngster, who touched Pete on his head and his whole world changed.

06:18 – 09:06 Darryl Snaychuk. Darryl’s on Facebook. Darryl talked about investigating your own experiences and notions of reality through vedanta.

09:06 – 12:47 Roy Dopson is asked about the audience for his book One Step Path which you can read for free at www.onesteppath.com He has a lot to say about practice.

12:47 – 18:09 Georgi Johnson spoke to us from her home in Israel. You’ll hear about incarnating peace, secrets of healing, transformation, life after death. Her website is www.perception.inner-growth.org/

18:09 – 24:53 Next up are two poets, two friends who live in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scota, Bonnie MacLeod who was in the studio with me, and Mary-Jean Doyle who spoke to us by phone. The topic is mental illness and the poetry that comes out of it. They are both active in theatre in Cape Breton. Mary-Jean’s website is thisinfection.blogspot.ca/. Bonnie doesn’t have a website.

24:53 – 29:57 Ivan Granger is well known as a collector and disseminator of sacred poetry. He reads and discusses a haiku by Issa. Ivan’s website is www.poetry-chaikhana.com/

29:57 – 36:58 Catherine Noyce is editor and co-publisher of Non-Duality Press with her husband Julian.non-dualitypress.org/ She also worked as a nurse, and here she talks about the quality of the atmosphere when a person dies. The conversation then gets into diunital consciousness.

36:58 – 42:39 The conversation on diunital conversation continues with Greg Goode and myself. Greg’s website is www.heartofnow.com. Our Facebook group is Diunital Consciousness:www.facebook.com/groups/diunital/

42:39 – 49:51 Scott Kiloby talked about spiritual teachers being transparent about their lives. Visitwww.kiloby.com

49:51 – 55:49 We close with a meditation from Michael Taft whose website iswww.meditationwithmichael.com. Conclusion of the show.

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