#5282 – Deborah Luscomb

The volume of Deborah’s voice is a little low during the first two minutes then increases.

Deborah Luscomb is a Halifax, Nova Scotia resident who facilitates Death Cafes. She is also a textile artist whose website is www.brocades.com. There’s a lot more to Deborah, which we discover in this interview.

00:00 – 07:15 Opening music by Prosad, Byron Bay: www.prosadmusic.com Introduction to Death Cafe. The local news reporting about it.

07:15 – 09:43 The nature of not-knowing. Practical things you can know with regard to dying. Topics brought up in the Death Cafe.

09:43 – 14:00 What is meant by “a good death”? Do we die alone, even when loved ones and medical people are around us, or are we interconnected even while dying?

14:00 – 17:11 What is your life? This is the real news. Valuing the moment as it is. Dropping all labels.

17:11 – 22:15 Deborah’s work in textile arts: http://www.brocades.net. Her role in early 70s spirituality with Ram Dass and Chogyam Trungpa. Brocades discussed.

22:15 – 28:27 Other topics. Midwifery. Her father. Co-founding of the Shambhala school.

28:27 – 35:12 Embracing death. Contemplation of death in Buddhist practice and the appreciation of this moment. “Abandon hope,” Pema Chodron. Talking about Pema Chodron, including a funny story. The beauty of Cape Breton and other places.

35:12 – 41:07 Nature of the Death Cafe format. Free of hierarchy and agenda. Visit http://www.deathcafe.com for details and a Death Cafe near you. There’s a lot of curiosity and sharing at a Death Cafe.

41:07 – 42:36 The Cafe Muerte, a local coffee shop. Matzo balls.

42:36 – 47:12 “So what else is going on in your life?” Deborah’s cross country trip in her Volvo station wagon meeting up with old friends and loved ones. Ending up in Colorado and encountering conversations on death. Coming back to Nova Scotia.

47:12 – 53:09 Driving long roads through Wisconsin and Kansas and everywhere, and listening to the radio. Conclusion. Closing music by Prosad, I Am Free: www.prosadmusic.com

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